My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins

My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - The Dreaming Bird: The New Oak Tree

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The Dreaming Bird: The New Oak Tree

The creature came on the new Wave Tree I have been drawing since the last few days. It is made of green purplish yellowish golden blue feathers and huge wings opening to reach the infinite from both sides of the tree. 

Atlantis is over it in a huge pyramid made of feathers, leaves and inter-dimensional portals

I welcomed the creature as a Gate Keeper of that Tree which is the Oak Tree, a sacred being wearing the new colors of life as we are merging into higher dimensions.

We have to feel blessed with its warm and intense energy as it brings us to life again. We feel reborn and our energy flows so nicely ! Hugely ! We have no more time for sleep !

We are blessed to be here sharing the flow of the living with mother nature. She is feeding us with her Divine Magick and Love.

Many little waves are now moving from down to the upper parts of this Tree, it is the transfixed life, that dragons are holding for us all through the Trees as they are multidimensional beings.

Two spines are connected to the dragons' energy field in this Wave Tree and its secrets will unfold with the connection to your centers of energy.

The leaves are the fruits of life connected to the three portals to higher dimensions : from 6 D to upper dimensions.

This is the celebration of joy during Earth's latest ascension and Shift in Consciousness. See that laughing face of the Tree!

The Bird is giant as I have been in touch with giants lately and many times during my sleep this year. They are real beings from upper high dimensions working as volunteers for our sacred Earth. He is holder of Sacred Geometry. All the trees are now uploaded with this knowledge and it is in store for all of us and all creatures on Gaia.

We can hear them talking to us, as new shapes with a new energy field. It is not complete, but infinite and expanding in all ways, with many new shapes and energy flow from the cosmic dance/mouvement.
The cosmic dance/movement is the universal energy flowing now on us keeping us awake most of our time even at night with less sleeping time and more lucid dreaming.

The Light is within each of you of us. we are holders of the New Earth.

Hope You enjoy it ! My gift to begin with the shooting star energy flow coming on us now from Sirius

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - The Equinox Wave Tree: The Path of Divine Light & Transformation

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The Equinox Wave Tree: The Path of Divine Light & Transformation

Divine Lights of Love and transformation are melting in your crystalline body, upgrading your DNA; 

You are now adjusting this huge energy filled with gamma rays and crystals of photons. 

Light is invading your entire being

Breathe it and enjoy the" I AM Presence" You Are, here and now !

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - ​The Light-Falling Tree: Regeneration

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​The Light-Falling Tree: Regeneration

The Light-Falling Tree: Regeneration

Tree of September 16-17th Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, showing the sacred energies of the dragons sent by Chiron the Wounded Healer to help you embrace your true YOU with a rain of lights falling on you, filling you with grace, bless, regenerating your inner self, guiding you on your spiritual path. For many of you a new path is showing up now, on your spiritual Journey; take it as it is the way it is meant to be in your life here; follow this new road of wisdom, healing is a process and you have to follow this process and to be in peace, at ease. Every tiny particle of these lights raining on you is sacred dragon’s energy of love; the new you is now unfolding. Be the light you are !

From The Pleiadian Council of Light 

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - ​The Rowan Tree Energy , l'Arbre des Oiseleurs

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​The Rowan Tree Energy , l'Arbre des Oiseleurs

My story with This attunement written In Colors and energy From The faery's Realm

The Energy of this Tree brings you to your etheric body. You feel you are like flying in an explosion of bright, very bright lights and orbs surround you from where you are not able to know. But this does not matter as you have that beautiful sensation of getting out of your physical state, your state of mind, your physical shape and connection to Earth. You are out of your body, somewhere in a multidimensional state.
The energy is though very soft and colorful at the beginning and it is intensified by an explosion of Pink, Yellow, Green, Purplish-blue, Red lights running up high from the Earth unto you to the Infinite, and you feel yourself completely submerged by this energetic explosion allowing you to discover a world of Magic and Faeries like a child walking in nature with the innocence and simplicity required. You vibrate at a very high level, as this energy enters you, penetrating every cell of your body, every tiny particle of your energetic field. You are in a state of Grace.
It is a Grace which comes through the heart, from the Heart Center of the Multiverse, to the Heart of Gaia.
I never saw that tree before being attuned to its energy. And when I went on Google, I was like "Wonderful" !!

"Rowan is called the Druid Tree, the Goddess Brighid, Goddess of Smithcraft healing and poetry, has three fiery arrows made of Rowan wood. Rowan is highly protective and protects against Faery Enchantements. it is considered a powerful protection against being taken by the Faeries. A Rowan wood walking stick is used for this purpose. A green Rowan wood allows the explorer to safely enter and exit a Fairy Fort or ancient stone circle. Wear Rowan on a hat to avoid being Faery Led. Rowan was all-powerful against Witchcraft, harmful Faeries, and evil influences to include the evil eye"... From my friend Dean Kingett , thanks to him, I have this energy in me. 

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - ​Wisdom and Love Energy in Wave Trees

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​Wisdom and Love Energy in Wave Trees

We are here celebrating Love & Wisdom they are the center energy within these trees. They channel these energies as ONE and make it ONE LOVEWISDOM frequency. As they mix the two it creates a festival of colors inside and around the tree. It tightens its energy and brings healing in all levels.

The Wisdom is Blue Purplish mixed with an open heart where green pink lights are moving and circling in a complexe manner.

The Golden Light is Source and it is pure White golden protection for those who come searching for guidance and warmth.

Yellow Lights makes the communication with the multidimensional planes very clear and soft and opens new gates. Red is the vibration of the roots communicating with the earth's planes the inside, the caves, the underworld. These Trees are very soft and powerful connecting the upper planes and the underworld ones and they are so confusing/surprising when we travel there. The last travel I had in the underworld was in the Kingdom of the Bees with Chiron as a guide. What the earth hides inside is in the roots of a wave tree. What the multi- upper- planes hide inside is in the branches of the trees.

We are here to learn to Love each other. This is the Wisdom behind our presence on Gaia. 

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - The Healing Energy of Wave Trees

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The Healing Energy of Wave Trees

The Healing Energy of Wave Trees
This came today as I was trying to remember the energy flowing in the trees during a healing time. The colors represent the movement of the energy and they are different ; but there is a dynamic between the upper dimensions and the lower ones. The Earth is now entering a new shift and many of us are feeling the difference.

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - ALEZIA The Mysteries' Tree Through an OBE

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ALEZIA The Mysteries' Tree Through an OBE

This creature came to me during an OBE (Out of Body Experience) Two days ago. It is a feminine entity
I tried To be as near as possible from The experience and draw It this evening.
She is a feminine entity of the forests
Her mission Is to impact the Earth with The Wave Energy Of The Cristalline Dimension We are now experiencing In terms of energy shifting
She is very soft and when she moves I was hearing little bells ringing
Her energy Is Very intense as I recieved it,  and I felt and saw a green fluid running in me. I have been attuning myself to her energy during The last two days and this afternoon Too.
The Cristaline Energy is now spreading much of this light in us, thanks To The trees
The trees are really wise and powerful creatures, dealing with many information coming From many dimensions

Open Your heart And hear their Wisdom 

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - The Wave Trees. Strings of Communication

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The Wave Trees. Strings of Communication

The wave Trees as I see them in my memory. Those strings of energy pending and floating all around. Why do trees heal ? It is an energy channelled from the other realms. This energy is multi-dimensional. Trees has been treated like "Nothing" by humans. Now it is time for everyone to understand that the trees are part of who we are. They bring us the memory of what we are here for, of our mission as multidimensional beings too. So we have to protect ourselves by protecting the trees. 

The wave trees are now these new multidimensional entities coming on Gaia to raise the vibration of LOVE. So SELFLOVE, LOVINGEACHOTHER UNCONDITIONALLY is of great need now.

These strings and strands you see came in my memory because they are part of That Which Is; they are part of the grid lines of the earth and the multiverse. They channel the energy from above to the earth and from INSIDE the Earth to OUTSIDE the Earth and to the multiverse. There is a real and tangible communication between the different multidimensional planes.

As humans lost their memories, those trees are now here to show us that the veil has fallen, and that it is time to feel this profound and deep connection with the multiverse inside of us. Here we can live in peace sharing what is given to us, and the trees are really part of the BREATH we are. We are BREATH and we are LOVE. Breathing love and having this special connection to everything here.
Hope you enjoy my childish art work 

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - The wave trees

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The wave trees

This tree Is multidimentional
I Have been guided To draw It This afternoon And It took me quiet a Little Time
The wave tree Is A Healing creature helping every living creature To connect To The Universe / multiverse
We can see It In some Of The trees We May encounter In Our forests Here on Gaia as They are more And more numerous now The current shift In consciousness Will help The forests giving birth To Those trees, They Have Green blue yellow And pink aura
For Those Who don't believe In These noble creatures there Would Be no way To see them or communicate with them
These are multidimentional And multi evolutionary beings created by Gaia To raise The vibration In All directions And In All spaces

How To recognize them ?
Their aura If You are able To see auras
Their energy Is Very soft And You Will feel It really as A wave In between Your hands When They show themselves To You
You Will Also FEEL their wave energy When You put Your hands on It
The Energy Will flows In You like Waves Feeling It moving up And down And up And down In The Infinite

What Is The Wisdom behind It ?
You are All Here To experience The nature within You
And To see behind the veil
You are Here To Be free And To connect with the energy as A wave or A multi wave holding Love And compassion Will help Many Of You
Just Be the wave And FEEL the nature inside
Take care Of every tiny particle Of Love You hold inside too
Open Your heart To the Energy Of the trees
They Have So much To teach You
To teach Us All

Love And Light To You

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - Un mot sur cette Porte Ouverte

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Un mot sur cette Porte Ouverte

Je publierai ici mes poèmes. J'ai commencé à écrire des poèmes très tôt au cours de ma vie. Ils sont un peu une partie de moi. Selon l'inspiration du moment,  les éclairs télépathiques et empathiques qui me traversent  souvent, j'écris pour évacuer mais aussi et surtout pour mettre les mots dans ce que je ressens très fort. Ce sont de véritables expériences de ma vie. 

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - Poem / song. FIELDS OF THE MISUNDERSTOOD

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Fields of the Misunderstood

I do not cease to question me about you

You are a strange installation in you

and you inspire peace

Take your soul into your hands and look deep inside it

It also looks at you and asks you to listen, to forget to reason

Does your vision help you understand the true meaning of your new life?

A new cycle, a light on your new life path illuminates your being

You embrace loneliness forgetting what you want

Deep within you

You may well be master of yourself

The strange dissatisfaction is sometimes there reminding itself to you

For thy soul keep smiling to you

You will not be still at large from you

You understand me and see me

Listen to your heart; it will lead you far ahead

In the paths previously unknown or ignored

One we are you and me

From one end to another by interconnection,

Our souls are related if never parted, but separated momentarily

For a beautiful meeting

Come and receive from the Universe

The love that you are worthy of

You deserve it but you try to dissuade yourself

In suffering, you're bent in constraints

Let your desires scroll, keep them in the flow

And you will join the Great Whole

Observe yourself and you will see your soul crying

Who loves you and wants to meet you, it was born of thee, thou it

Come back to see the stars and fly away freely.

Articles et Channels - My Poems and Artwork / mes poèmes et dessins - Poème/ champs-chant de l’Incompris

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Poème/ champs-chant de l’Incompris

Je ne cesserai de m’interroger sur toi

Tu es un être installé dans l’étrange de toi et tu inspires la paix

Prends ton âme entre tes deux mains et regarde au fond d’elle

Elle te regarde aussi et te demande de l’écouter… oublie de raisonner

Est-ce que ta vision t’aide à com-prendre

Le véritable sens de ta vie Nouvelle ?

Un nouveau cycle, une lumière devant toi, sur ton nouveau chemin de vie illumine ton être

Tu as pris la solitude à bras le corps dans l’oubli de ce que tu désires

Au plus profond de toi

Tu penses bien être maîtrise de toi-même

L’étrange insatisfaction est parfois là te rappelant à toi

Car ton âme t’observe en souriant

Tu ne seras pas toujours en fuite de toi

Tu me com-prends et me vois

Écoute ton cœur, il te mènera loin devant

Dans les sentiers jusque-là inconnus ou ignorés

UN, Nous formons toi et moi

D’un bout à l’autre en interconnexion,

Nos âmes si liées ne se sont jamais quittées, mais séparées momentanément

Pour une belle réunion

Viens recevoir l’amour qui t’es réservé par l’Univers

Tu le mérites et tu tentes de t’en détourner

Dans la souffrance, tu te plies à des contraintes

Laisse défiler tes désirs, observe-les dans le flux

Et tu rejoindras le Grand Tout

Observe-toi et tu verras ton âme criante

Qui t’aime et veut te rejoindre, elle est née de toi, toi d’elle

Reviens pour voir les étoiles et t’envoler librement.