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Astral Projection & OBE / Projection Astrale - THE ASTRAL PLANE


I am an astral traveler and have been through this for years. But I was conscious of it few years ago after I received my Reconnection. I have been visited by my spiritual guides on October 2013 during a professional appointment and that happened while I was sitting on a chair in the waiting room. I saw my spiritual guides on that day. 

I have been visiting different dimensions and planes and have been contacted by Extraterrestrial entities during my out of body experiences. The beings I am in contact with are for most of them from Orion's constellation, the Pleaiades B, and Sirius A./B. 

When I am sleeping I am conscious of my astral projections. I see my physical body and I learn from many experiences. 

I have been also through missions as a soul carrier and a Light worker during this year and the last one.

I astral travel during my mediations and healing sessions, and I receive many information about my patient and it happens very  often that my patient feel projected in an upper dimension or reality during my healing  sessions. 

How Can I Help You Astral Travel ?

I can help you astral travel through healing sessions. The more you receive healing from me, and the more you will be able to have out of body experiences and to astral project during your sleep time too. 

I can help you by teaching you how to see the astral plane

How to have access to it

How to protect yourself during your astral travel 

how to induce a deep mediative state and a transe state that allows you to leave your physical

And so much more 

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An Astral Travel and Visions from a Pleiadian Starship

Astral Projection & OBE / Projection Astrale - Merlin's  Dragon Portal in Bois Guillaume Forêt Verte (France)

Merlin's Dragon Portal in Bois Guillaume Forêt Verte (France)