Autres Soins/ Other Healing sessions

Autres Soins/ Other Healing sessions

The Karma Healing Session / La Guérison Karmique 

Au cours de cette session d'une heure, je fais appel à des êtres de lumière pour nettoyer votre karma. Le travail se fait aussi par appel aux Rayons Divins auxquels j'ai un accès direct et que je vois. J'ai également reçu une harmonisation aux 7 Flammes Divines par un Maître Reiki. Vous trouverez le certificat ici (rubrique "Certificats"). 

Prix : 68 euros

The Lemurian Chamber of the Light 45 minutes, 62 euros

You will be guided to the Lemuria Chamber of Healing. A beautiful cave on astral and you will receive healing by a bunch of spiritual guides from Lemuria who are here to help humans with the shift.

The Pleiadian New Light Codes Transmission (July 2017)

I received this transmission few hours after a recent OBE on July 2017 where I was projected to a pleaiadian Starship. This Transmission will help you connect more to the current flow of energies coming on Gaia now. You may meet these beings or feel them.

Negative Clearing and Healing Session (40 minutes, 55 euros)

A Session to clear and cleanse all negative energies in your body. 

The Chakra Clearing and Balancing Session (30 minutes, 44 euros)

I connect to your energy centers and clear all negative energy. Your chakras are balanced and you vibrate With a higher frequency

Autres Soins/ Other Healing sessions - Crystal Lémurien

Crystal Lémurien

Christ Divine Light Healing 

La Lumière Divine de Guérison du Christ

I received Christ energy and divine light healing directly from him. Christ consciousness is back on earth. I have been channelling his messages since 2013 and he has been my guide and helper. And still he is. 

Last night he came back showing up with a Cross of Light to bring in me a higher energy filled with Love and Compassion and Peace. 

So I was guided to create this healing session that will help you connect to your divinity and to Christ Consciousness if you feel drawn to it. 

 Christ Healing Session : 1 hour 

Cost : 66 euros 

Autres Soins/ Other Healing sessions
Earth Chakra Re-Activation & Dragons' Bloom

Earth Chakra Re-Activation and Dragons' Bloom July 11, 2017

The Golden Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light

During this session you are guided to the Arcturian Chamber of Light to heal any past grudges and pains. You are bathed in its energy as beings from Arcturus surround you and send their compassionate heart energy through you. 

44 Minutes

66 euros

The Earth Dragons' Healing and Attunement

This session is powerful and it will connect you to four Archangels : Raphaël and his green dragon, Jophiel and his Yellow-Golden Dragon, Cassiel and his Crystalline Dragon, Zadkiel and his purple-violet Dragon. 

Dragons are not physical beings but an energy stored in Gaia to help us heal ourselves and heal around us, to help us raise our vibration and connect to the Earth's Grids and Ley lines. They dont come to you if they did not choose you. Si if you feel drawn to their energy, it means that they choose you. Trust your gut ! 

38 minutes

68 euros


Healing with Four Archangels: Raphael, Michael, Cassiel, Metatron

During this session I activate the energies of 4 Archangels : Raphael, Cassiel, Michael, and Metatron to heal you in many levels : The Loving and Abundant heart, The Compassionate and True heart, The Strong and Powerful Heart, the Divine and Precious heart.

The session costs 53 euros for 37 minutes healing.

The energies will carry on working on you for so long

Autres Soins/ Other Healing sessions
Flamme de l'Archange Michaël

Flamme de l'Archange Michaël

Autres Soins/ Other Healing sessions - Le Soin à Distance de la Forêt. 55mn/60mn environ
avec La Lumière Crystalline Dorée de la Grâce et l'énergie de la Magie des Fées et des Arbres

Le Soin à Distance de la Forêt. 55mn/60mn environ
avec La Lumière Crystalline Dorée de la Grâce et l'énergie de la Magie des Fées et des Arbres