RubyGolden Light

I received this spectrum of a new healing energy from very ancient beings I met during an out of body experience (OBE) I had on 2013. 

That OBE was a travel to the Orion Temple of Healing where I was led by a priestess to the Fountain of Healing which was in the middle of a wide room. The liquid flowing from that metallic fountain was green emerald. 

That trip stayed in my mind and on  the 7 of July 2016, I received this energy and its name with it. They also told me that I am also from there, as I had lived in Orion in past incarnations. 

 I suggested a healing session with the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace to one of my clients and he said: " yes". The session went very soft and wonderful as I allowed the spectrum to be channeled. I heard many sounds in my head and the energy was different from the Reconnective Healing. 

This is actually a 777 frequency from Orion.
Here are some feed back from my client :

"It's very different and more subtle. I would say that people who have had not done the other form of Reconnective Healing, should do that first as I have. I think then after some time, then they can start with this new kind of healing frequency

It also seems to look for specific problems, very tiny ones that are localized. Where the other kind of healing frequency is more generalized
The original healing frequency covers some broader area. Where this new one covers a smaller area that is more specific, Tiny. Therefore I was getting lots of little tiny pains throughout the healing tonight

I think that maybe you can use the previous energy as a starter. Then as your customers energy rises up, then maybe you can use the crystalline energy
Or maybe the Ambient Energy that is coming in from the outside is already kind of high-frequency like the original energy you used with me. And now you are upgrading your energy healing to take the healing process even higher. That is my idea. I don't know if that is correct.

I did see light, but it was more of a feeling. The feeling was different from the previous energy. It seem to be smaller waves and higher frequency. And the lights seem to be brighter. Because I still have some blockage or haze surrounding me, I cannot see things clearly at all."

Here is the channel I received from my guides that day a confirmation of that healing frequency which is a spectrum I already had from previous incarnations on Orion and to which my guides led me to through the Reconnective Healing.

" You have been chosen to allow this Energy to come to Earth. It is your gift. You have been chosen to use it for your benefit and the benefit of those who feel drawn to it.

This new spectrum of Grace is yours and you have been using it when you incarnated many times on ORION as a healer and a priestess. You are now ready, fully ready to use it and to help with it in this shift. 

Believe in yourself and know that it is a powerful stream of a healing energy running in you. You connect with Orion when you heal with it; you connect to these past incarnations; but know that because it is part of who you are, every time you use it, you are sent there on an energetic level, you travel to your past home and you connect with your multidimensional soul.

We are here helping you as we are a group of souls from your past lives, we have been with you but now we are no more incarnating on physical. 

We are here on ORION as spirits AND WE WILL GIVE YOU MORE INFORMATION when you get more and more used to this energy. It is already running through you, listen to it and feel its benefit on your soul.

Allow it to be who you are as it has been waiting too much for you to remember it. It is a very high vibration of the three seven. 

You are a seven. 

It is also a very powerful energy which has evolved through the dimensions. It is a 9th dimension spectrum of Light and it is directly connected to Alcyon.

There is Magic in what you do, allow it to be in you. It is huge and reconnecting you to That Which Is.
Bring the Grace in you
You are the Traveller of the Universes" 

Channel on The Roundtable

May 25, 2017 From Thêta in Atlantis

When you walk in faith
There is a gift in everyone and everything coming in your life
You know what this means
Times are coming to lead you to discover your truth
And if you are hurt then it is also for learning
Think about it
You are seeking for what is not yet in your life
But all is fine and you have to keep up the faith
You are surrounded by many beings of light
They are benevolently working for your safety and helping you all the time
Remember you are not alone

Feel the sounds of Earth healing you as it is receiving high frequencies of Starlight codes
You are integrating your Crystalline density
it is part of your energetic body
your healing heart is processing this transmutation
Let it be
The Crystal body is one of the new layers of your soul and all of who you are, as Earth is now at its highest levels of crystallization
You receive as much as you can handle
But you receive anyway
The Crystalline energy is vibrational
But higher than any other one
It is flowing between your fingers in your both hands
In your fingers you will feel it moving fast like a laser
You will find it hard to handle anything other than this energy
When it works on you
Take your time
You are shielded by it and you are safe
Your two hands are at work for healing with it
Now as it is opening you to the old crystalline grid lines
Which have been hidden for a while
Earth has changed and you are part of this new wave of light
Remember you are not alone
Remember love is who you are
Love is all that is
Be Peace and compassion ❤️

RubyGolden Light  - RubyGolden Crystalline Light of Grace showing up in my candle

RubyGolden Crystalline Light of Grace showing up in my candle

December 2, 2016, Entering a new cycle now

I have received this energy during my sleep time last night
This morning my right hand was burning dizzy and I was like floating unable to touch anything with my hands
So this message came few minutes ago and I feel better now
Am trying to integrate it and work with it
It is part of the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace and that is part of the New Earth's Crystal Core Frequency
A very high frequency I have never felt before
Am really thankful for this and for being involved in this shift with this so warm and beautiful energy.

"Hear the crystal sound of the New Earth
This is a New wave of Love coming on you / in you
Feel it burning your hand and your whole body
This energy is of a higher frequency and it is given to you to help around you and to enhance the frequency of those who would be ready for it
Hear the sound of the New Earth
We were sending messages through your crystal body as you are now aware of it and you are getting attuned to the new waves coming now to end the first cycle of this coming frequency on Earth.
A new cycle will begin and you will feel it too
Your hands are magnetic and you reach out to the energy with it
So feel it and let is spread in you the power of the New Earth
When writing this you will feel less dizziness in your hands and that is a sign
You are integrating this new earth and you are feeling that fire because it is burning old energies and transmuting them into the new shift
The new shift is now coming
You will watch the changes
And you will feel them
Hear the sound of the New Earth
As these moments of surrender come into you
Let the energy of Love and peace heal you and touch your life gently
Your body gently
You are focusing on the best for you
You are integrating a new energy of Love and light and information
You will be able to reach out more information through this frequency
And your crown and third chakras are being enhanced and fined with time
As much as you let go and open your heart you will sense that energy of the new earth in you
It is poWerful and you have to let if run through you
Feel it and take your time to attune to it
Breathe and enter this new consciousness from where it is showed to you
Enter that new gate of Love
You are the light of Grace and magic "

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