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Accessing Your Soul Knowledge & Akashic Records:

18 Juin 2020 Henda Zaghouani PhD.

First Step: An Out of Body Experience to a Parallel World

A picture of where you have been during our session.

The two kids are my nephews and the rainbow light on the surface of the  sea is a Pleiadian Portal I opened on December 21, 2015, when I was there visiting my family and friends. 

It showed up a day later, while I was taking them there for a walk. 

(See the picture on my site) 


There are no mystery is what we experience, we have synchronized events that lead us to understand our true nature and from where we originate.


An Out of Body Experience Prior to our Session : May 21, 2020

We had an appointment in a parallel world to our hometown Bizerte. It was an ancient city with different people living around a huge place where many hold their businesses. I had to meet you there, but my little brother was nervous, and so our appointment was delayed. I live in a big house located there near that business place, over a very ancient construction with stairs and made of sea rocks.


I saw myself running down the stairs to meet you, I didn’t take my bath yet but had to tell you that I will be late.

While walking in the big place with many businesses, I saw you standing in front of a semi circular stand that was held by two Amazone Warriors. You were there waiting for me.

The two Amazone warriors were selling big thick pancakes  and no one could touch them, as the two Amazones were very powerful with their weapons on them.

The pancakes were in reality the bread that the population in the city eats. We bought few of those and just went back to our homes to prepare ourselves before our spiritual meeting and journey.


We had to take our shower / bath and to prepare our energetic bodies for a ceremony that would take place in another area. It had to take place in this timeline too. So it is kind of a replica of another experience that was taking place at a multidimensional level.

So during our video chat we were in between dimensions.


That was the moment I was sent back in my physical body here. It was 6:30 am and I was burning with that energy coming from deep space another old ancient timeline The Old City of Atlantis.


From what I understood it was the place we had to be in during our Video-Chat Session today…. All synchronized for a new comprehension of yourself as a soul who came from faraway lands and horizons.


A Tree, 9 Guides, A Circle of Light

We went through your journey as I told you about my astral projection and what happened to us in that reality. We understood that it was the place we had to come back to, and bring in the necessary information that would help you during our video-chat session.

Through a hypnosis state I induced you in, using energy healing and slow breathing techniques, you have been sent to that same city but in another place : the old port and the ancient city surrounding it.

(I Just sent you to that dimension using energy healing and some frequencies of light that allowed you to travel dimensions.)


You saw a circle of men wearing white tuniques like those that the Romans used to wear, and there was a tree in the circle amongst the men. It was a big tree, not very tall but wide enough as its leaves protected the circle of men.

You were standing behind them and watching what was happening from outside the circle.

You saw a white column of light extending deep from the earth to the sky and expanding like a tree  in many branches, and in an explosion of beams of light.

What did you see in that light ?

The light was kind of communicating with the beings who were around it. There is a silver ring at its lower part on the soil, and violet, pale yellow lights getting out of it.


First explanation according to my own channeled information : The pale yellow light is the aura of the teachers, the violet is for the master teachers.

It was the tree who opened that portal of light which propagates its energy and extends to infinity, flowing like water from a fountain to the beings who were standing there. The tree is the portal/ gate keeper and creator.


What were the men doing around this light / portal ? How was it ?

They were a group of spiritual beings, each one holding a book in their hands. They were reading an incantation… It was kind of a procession or ritual of invocation directed by the tree and the language that was spoken. The light sounded protective and coming from Gaia, crossing a silver circle from where a ring was standing up inside the column of light. There were circles incrusted  all around, in the ring.


What did you see while contemplating the light portal ?

Sacred geometrical shapes turning around the ring to bring out more light. The soil has changed in a moment and became green filled with grass. Green grass showed up instantly. The beings were opening a portal creating abundance around the circle. And beyond. The light was a bubble ! inside of it there was another spacetime made of geometrical shapes : signs of a secret language.


My Channeled Information was about these shapes as a star language. A language that the beings speak including the tree.

Sacred Geometry shapes are the base of all star languages, available for any soul to bring back, by integrating the star key codes brought by the portal of light itself.

They were dancing in the bubble of light, most of them were signs with angles and other shapes.

Those were the light codes you had to integrate today to remember who you are.


Henda: Can you go inside and enter the portal ?

Meriem: Yes !

Henda: Once there let me know what you are seeing


Meriem : « I am seeing the Egyptian Sphinx standing in front of me ».


Henda: You are in Orion. It’s your home from the stars where your soul came into life for the first time. I had this information this morning but didn’t tell you about it. I was waiting to see if you could access it during our session by yourself. The Light portal showed you the way!


More information


The Sphinx is also a symbol of the seeds you carried from Sirius. It has both the energies of Orion and Sirius. It is the second place you have been in, as a pure soul. Then you travelled to the Pleiades which is part of what you experienced during your first human life, in the old city of Atlantis.


Henda: Can you tell me if you can see the faces of the men around the portal of light ?


Meriem: I can see only one of them very clearly

Henda : Can you describe him ?

Meriem : He has a beard, long hair to his neck and falling on his forehead. He is young about 35 years old..

Henda: brown hair ?

Meriem : Oh ! Yes !

Henda : did you know that the beings you saw are your guides?

Meriem : No but I felt like I knew them especially the one I see very well.

Henda : and the one you clearly saw, because you recognized him. He is your first guide from the spirit world.


Henda’s Conclusions

They came through channeled information according to the signs you have been given during this session.


The tree is related to another tree you know and it is a very old and ancient tree you already know during your current lifetime.


Meriem: Oh I know this tree. It is like the one I told you about few times ago when I felt guided to communicate with it and hug it, I showed you the rock I took from its trunk. (You show me the rock)


Henda: That was your tree. Another guide from Earth. You can always come back there to connect to it, and heal yourself, or ask for inner guidance.


Today you have been given back your star light key codes from three places at least in the Universe (9 is the number of universal knowledge/ Source) : Orion, Sirius, The Pleiades. 

The Pleiades is the place you have been living as an Amazone warrior. At least during one of your past lives in Atlantis.


There is a wisdom in each information you have been given today. It is given through the gate of light that opened to you, showing you your true self and how you can understand your current life and your purpose as a starseed.

Each time you need it, you can connect to that portal as it is open for you. The guides you saw are a wise council from Orion who came to give you a healing hand and to guide you on your journey.

They came to you, for many other reasons you will probably know with time.

It will be shown to you in subtle messages they know you are able to decipher.

I hope you liked this journey with us !

Much appreciation to allowing me to do this first work with you and help you !

Love and Light Dear Meriem   

Henda Zaghouani

Mystic Healer & Astral Explorer

All rights reserved 21 May 2020

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