D'autres activations du corps cristallin/ More Crystalline Light Body Activations

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you."

"La blessure est l'endroit où la Lumière entre en toi"


Henda Zaghouani
Mystic Healer & Astral Explorer
Thérapeute mystique et exploratrice de l'astral

La Lumière Crystalline de la Grâce pour guérir et comment la recevoir

The Crystalline Light of Grace℠

The Crystalline Light of Grace℠ (CLG℠) is a quantum multidimensional spectrum of energy that originates from Source and thus from higher dimensions.

 I have been receiving CLG in waves and downloads since 7/7/2016... And it is a 777 Frequency of Light and Information, as told to me by my guides. It is a magnificent energy that I received as a gift unexpectedly directly from Source.

As a healer I have been through this journey since 2013.

The CLG℠ is now obvious and everyone can see it in me, my hands and in my environment.

It is my special gift for this lifetime, a gift to share with those who are seeking for healing and spiritual growth.

Those who experience its amazing healing can feel how it works at a heart level. Whenever you need Grace, it is this light that would for sure allow you to bring back the light within you and make you feel ease and Grace for real.

With this energy, profoundly you can begin your healing journey.

Who can receive The Crystalline Light of Grace SM?

Awareness and inner guidance are important to receive this spectrum of light. You should have completed a level 3 Reiki master at least, or have a Reconnective Healer Certificate, or have been doing Quantum Therapy.

This energy will upgrade you and give you access to more information, as it connects you to higher realms and dimensions.

If you are ready at a soul level, you will have spontaneous downloads and upgrades from the same spectrum that is connected directly to the New Crystalline Grid, as it changes and reconfigures its own sacred geometric light and information.

Special Note !

This experience is different from a person to another.

How you experience this energy and its gifts is related to the soul growth, and the way a person is able to channel and receive energy for healing and guidance.

In this many souls are not actually equal.

With time you will discover the benefits of this quantum touch, and how it can upgrade you at a heart and soul level.

It is in fact a heart&soul multidimensional quantum energy, that is connected to parallel worlds and dimensions, which would lead you to discover so much about yourself, as you dive deeper into parallel realms.

It will also help you have more astral projections and travels during your sleep time, if you are enough mature for this soul spiritual upgrade.

The Crsytalline Light of Grace is the key to upgrade yourself at a DNA level. It happens faster than you may think, because it works in you as a great intelligence that comes from deep space.

It doesn't work with techniques and other recipes !

It is a full aware higher intelligence from multiple timelines and space lines. It knows you very well and knows your healing process before you ! Trust that !

It is directly connected to Source, which allows a deep soul evolutionary process, and is related to all star systems in all galaxies and parallel dimensions and worlds.

How can it be received ?

The CLG can be received in person, or distantly in 3 sessions of 45 minutes. Or during two 35-40 minutes of The Quantum Reconnection she offers.

When doing these two sessions she connects to HS via The Great Central Sun and The Crystalline Grid.

The person receives it and can activate it few minutes after the second session.

It has many spectrums of light in it and that's why it holds a multidimensional crystalline energy. It can be golden, ruby, violet, purple, green, pink, yellow, blue etc... But it is pure white in its core.

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Docteur en Sciences du Langage depuis Octobre 2006, Henda se consacre à l'enseignement du français et du français langue étrangère dans des lycées et collèges en France, Rouen et alentours. En même temps, elle publie plus d'une vingtaine d'articles relatifs aux Sciences du Langage et l'analyse du discours politique. Elle se place d'ores et déjà dans une perspective pluridisciplinaire dès le début de ses recherches scientifiques. 

Avec le temps, elle porte son intérêt aux recherches plus pointues notamment la physique quantique et la science de la spiritualité, ce qui l'ouvre progressivement à ce qu'elle est véritablement : un canal de lumière et d'énergie de guérison. En 2014, elle suit les séminaires d'Eric Pearl à Paris et devient Praticienne des Fondamentaux de la Guérison Reconnective et de la Reconnection Niveau III. 

Après avoir reçu La Lumière Crystalline de la Grâce, elle poursuit son cheminement vers un épanouissement et un bien-être qu'elle cherche à transmettre aux autres avec Amour. Son travail est très méticuleux, et l'énergie qu'elle canalise ne cesse de se renforcer et d'augmenter en elle au quotidien. Elle reçoit des recharges d'énergie tous les jours directement de ses guides de lumière.


Henda ne pratique plus depuis juin 2023, et a cessé son auto entreprise. Mais elle continue sa carrière dans l'enseignement secondaire. 

Ce site est désormais un espace de spiritualité et d'information sur la guérison spirituelle. 



The Pleiadian Crystalline Light Body Activation and Transmission for the New Earth
L'activation et transmission du corps crystallin pleidéen pour la Nouvelle Terre

Notre passion, la créativité
Creativity is our Passion




From November 5, 2022, to January 12, 2023, I have been working on this  energetic Activation and Transmission for the New Earth. It was one of the most amazing spiritual experiences I have ever had crossing the timeline between 2022 to 2023, from a 6, to a 7th year of huge changes at all levels.

At its core, the sacred geometry of New Atlantis brought in me in crystalline Light Codes by benevolent beings I am in contact with and who help me in my creative psychic art in the form of alchemy.

My imprint blocks are holders of an energy that is made of alchemy. In this particular case, the alchemy is very powerful because it is related to sacred geometry, and thus to the essence of the Universal Energy. Sacred Geometry is part of our identity as star seeds, as we become holders of the crystalline light codes that have been coming on earth since 2012. 

There are 7 Layers holding specific transmissions and activations in the form of LightCodes from The Crystalline Grid, the Pleiadian part of it that is meant to nurture the planet.

As we hold this new chemistry in our energy field, we become Light Souls in service for the New Earth and we spread it wherever we go. 

Layer 1-New Fifth Crystalline Light Body Density and Template

Layer 2-Translating DNA

Layer 3-The Quantum Healer 

Layer 4-Gatekeeper of the Six Pointed Star

Layer 5-Crown & Heart Expansion

Layer 6-The Pleiadian Cosmic Healer

Layer 7: The Pleiadian Crystalline Aura and Celestial Rings for the New Human DNA

Henda no more gives Activations. 


















"Pay attention to your patterns. The way you learned to survive may not be the way you want to continue to live. Heal and shift."

"Fais attention à tes modèles. La façon dont tu as appris à survivre n'est peut-être pas la façon dont tu voudrais continuer à vivre. Guéris et change."

Dr. Thema Bryan Davis

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