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The Indigo Walk-In Crystalline Light Body Activation

Indigo Walk-In Crystalline Light Body Activation has been a gift from The Universal Crystalline Grid Beings who are high dimensional Gate Keepers and work benevolently to provide those who are meant to participate in bringing on Earth its crystalline vibration to open multidimensional gates that provide the necessary downloads and upgrades into the planet following its 5th and 6th densities to more and more levels of our evolutionary process. Indigos Walk-In are deeply empathetic beings with a high energy that allows them to receive more if they open to the Crystalline Grid from their heart space. Meaning the Heart of All That Is (The Source) 

Crystalline Energy and Light holds a very specific work that is directly sent into the heart and enhancing the connection from the heart to the soul. Not the way around!

There is a necessary work to be done on being on the Heart Sphere which opens multilayered frequencies and multidimensional vortexes (Torus energy) through the body, and then which connect us to a wider space and energetic spectrum of Divine Light. 

It connects the human body to its Source as a starseed from other star systems wether in our solar system and or beyond, reaching parallel dimensions and worlds of stars souls have been incarnating in for many lifetimes. 

It then ignites that energy of belonging to that wider field, and creates with time and work with this energy, an inner work that begins naturally, without even being conscious of it at first, which helps the soul remember and recover lost pieces that have been dormant at a DNA level.  

I have been guided intuitively to create 4 Imprint Blocks and a summary for this Activation. Each one is a layer with lines, points, geometrical shapes and Light Codes, that connects the receiver to the wider field that resides in higher dimensions. And to the beings who work behind the scenes. Each line, each geometrical shape, each point of the human body and each Light Code has a multidimensional extension to a plane that is absolutely kept secret by those who are working benevolently with me. I had some astral travels seeing them at work and received training and guidance through uploading information they have downloaded in me. The Imprint Blocks come then to fruition in me and my work begins. Then I am guided during each layer for all the time I work on drawing them ! It is a very intense and amazing psychic work that I yet really cannot explain with our human words. 


So here are the 4 Layers 

"To Remember Who You Are, who You were, what you came here to do, the lands you have to explore, the experiences of many lifetimes... To Be-Come You"



Level I: The Activation 330 euros (1h30) is done distantly. You have to lay down in a comfortable place for the whole time. Two days before you will need to drink lemon water to prepare your physical body to receive this huge intense activation. 

Level II: The Training Program 660 euros is done on video Chat : 2 sessions to help you become an activator. This level is higher than the first one and you will feel the work on the layers and how it connects you to higher realms. It's amazing and breathtaking. You will receive the manual and the Imprint Blocks which you can Imprint preferably in artistic thick paper so that you can use them both for your clients and yourself. 

Level III: The Instructor Program 900 euros




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