La Fréquence de lumière er d'information crystalline 777
The 777 Crystalline Frequency of Light and Information

"Je suis la fréquence du Cristal Doré. Je viens de loin, c'est la fréquence 777.

Elle est différente de toutes celles qui sont arrivées sur Terre depuis un temps,

Tu en es la « Source » et tu sauras la faire passer aux autres, la transmettre autour de toi

Elle t'es donnée pour un but précis dont tu seras informée.

Cette fréquence est tienne, elle n'a rien d'égal aux autres qui sont sur Terre, une nouvelle vibration de la suite du nombre 777, tout est inclus dans ce que tu as reçu en ce jour. Tu recevras des ajustements et des harmonisations à chaque fois où tu en auras besoin afin que cette énergie puisse se développer en tes corps d'énergie, qu'elle puisse se matérialiser dans les soins que tu prodigues.

Tu as reçu cette énergie par les mains et la transmettras par les yeux et les mains et les corps énergétiques que tu portes. Nous avons convenu pour toi, comme ton âme s'en souviendra plus tard avec son usage, des mises à jour quotidiennes afin que cette nouvelle force de Grâce Dorée circule en toi librement, et guérisse tes corps et ceux des personnes autour de toi." 1er Canal de La Lumière Crystalline de la Grâce, 7/7/2016

The Crystalline Light Body Activation Update

Notre passion, la créativité
Our Passion is Creativity

This is the update of The Crystalline Light Body, that you may feel drawn to, once you received Your Crystalline Light Body activation. See below for more information about it. 

The update will allow you to receive energetic updates and downloads directly from The Crystalline Grid, once you completed you first Activation (The Crystalline Light Body)


Four New Layers.

During the month of March 2021, I was intuitively guided to drawn 4 beings who are gate keepers of The Crystalline Grid both universal grid and earth grid. I have been through this work for at least 3 weeks receiving the energy in downloads and activating it in this amazing psychic artwork. Here are the names of the 4 gate keepers: 

They hold the frequency and knowledge of the  new crystalline human DNA strands.

For the name and the energy of these Layers Please Private message me






They represent the layers of the Activation. I have been guided to use these terms during my connection with the beings. In the Crystalline Grid that use the term of « layer » for each upgrade or level of upgrade. During the times I was working on the activation I was being guided into the place from where they were teaching me. It happened in many astral travels on January 2021, beginning on the last week of December 2020. I have also been receiving the necessary energetic downloads for this activation and the 9 imprint blocks I had to draw by myself. They hold very very high frequencies of Light. And this is why I was told to only use them for the activation and the teaching process that will begin soon.

Actually there are 3 stages of this work :

first stage is to receive the activation

second stage is to learn how to do it for others.

third stage is to become an instructor

There are as I said 3 stages or levels of this activation. You can do it for yourself and the beings will not do any pressure on your soul to go further if you are not yet ready…

You can learn how to do it on others and then you will have access to the imprint blocks and the guided stages in the manual.

The third stage is to become an instructor and teach other healers how to do it.

I will be creating a page on my site with the name of all the persons who received it and those who are using it to activate others. But this is another work that will take place in few times.




Neuf blocs d'impression (DESSINS PSYCHIQUES, ART SACRÉ)


Ils représentent les couches de l'activation. J'ai été guidé pour utiliser ces termes lors de ma connexion avec les êtres qui me guident. Dans la Grille Crystalline ils utilisent le terme de «couche» pour chaque mise à niveau ou niveau de mise à jour. Pendant le temps où je travaillais sur l'activation, j'étais guidée vers l'endroit où ils m'enseignaient. Cela s'est produit lors de nombreux voyages astraux en janvier 2021, et à partir de la dernière semaine de décembre 2020. J'ai également reçu les téléchargements énergétiques nécessaires pour cette activation et les 9 blocs d'impression que j'ai dû dessiner moi-même. Ils détiennent des fréquences de lumière très très élevées. Et c'est pourquoi on m'a dit de ne les utiliser que pour l'activation et le processus d'enseignement qui commenceront bientôt.


En fait, il y a 3 étapes dans ce travail:


la première étape consiste à recevoir l'activation


la deuxième étape consiste à apprendre à le faire pour les autres.


la troisième étape est de devenir instructeur


Il y a, comme je l'ai dit, 3 étapes ou niveaux de cette activation. Vous pouvez la faire pour vous-même, et les êtres ne feront aucune pression sur votre âme pour qu'elle aille plus loin, si vous n'êtes pas encore prêts ...


Vous pouvez apprendre à le faire sur d'autres et vous aurez ensuite accès aux blocs d'impression et aux étapes guidées dans le manuel.


La troisième étape consiste à devenir instructeur et à enseigner aux autres guérisseurs comment le faire.


J'ai créée une page sur mon site avec le nom des personnes qui l'ont reçue et de celles qui l'utilisent pour en activer d'autres.

More Information here



Few Feedbacks from those who received The Activation


Carolina Newton From Florida USA

First Activation of my Crystalline Body


To be honest I believe that it has been a process that has built up to the actual Activation session.

The night before my center energy channel was open. I had a massive headache and I could feel the energy flowing out my crown and through my nose nadis; the energy channels that end on the nose.

I drank a lot of water to help with the detox and energy flow. The day of the session I drank lemon water and made sure to be ready at the agreed time. The energy came very quick. I started to feel the light massaging my being. I came in and out of consciousness drifted to dreams having pathogens cleared.

I started to place my hands on different areas of my body. I was being guided to do so. The energy kept coming in strong waves. I felt energy flowing through my crown, chest, arms. My hands burned.

My legs and feet tingle as the energy moved through me.

My soul felt an uncontainable happiness.

I lost a sense of time. I felt as if I had stepped our of time and session’s end came quicker than I expected it.

After the session and my communication with Henda, I felt a strong tingling on my right hand. I looked at it and had a red mark on the center of my palm. I sent an image to Henda

and she said « This is the healer blessings from your guides. Your blessings and confirmation  from them! »

I feel a layer of my being has been upgraded. I feel light and joy. I feel awake.

There are no words to describe how grateful I feel for this opportunity. I am eternally grateful. Thank you Henda. »


Feedback From Elisabeth Howe Curtis

British Columbia. Canada


I agree, it was intense! 

Within minutes I had tears streaming from my eyes. I also experienced sharp aches in parts of my body that came and went...specifically in my thoracic spine/right shoulder blade area and in my left hand (a first for me). My hands were full of energy. My feet too. Towards the end I realized how strong the activation of my hands was as they were ice cold, yet drenched in sweat. 


My crown chakra felt like there were fingers pulsing or stoking it. At one point it felt like my uterus was slightly lifted and then placed back down. Perhaps it is not surprising because yesterday I did a lot of work on my sacral chakra, but what happened today was a totally new experience/sensation. 


I’ve been doing a heavy metal detox the last 5 weeks and found that the addition of the lemon water (started a few days ago as my intuition told me it was necessary to do more than a day before our session) really had profound effects on my liver. I went through a major purge, up to just minutes before we started this morning...and now I feel no urgency to run to the washroom at all. 





Feedback from Meryem Özlem Minbay

Berlin. Germany


« Thank you Dear Henda for the activation

And removing what was in my heart - I will let it be released

It was intense

I am still feeling the buzz

I will continue to rest

I saw a frame of shimmering water light wall that opened up and I could see beyond - I saw a bright white mountain and my vision went forward super fast & retracted. I walked to two separate golden statues. At the second one I lost my vision & collapsed & was helped by someone who was taking photos (?). I was eating white beans out of a jar and someone poured a powder and they became red - they tasted good. This is what I recall … Oh I saw an image of blue water and on top of it there were designs in white - various round shapes like flowers & my name was written but spelt differently Miriam in round curvy lettersAnd I heard a message to draw & paint what I see in my travels. »


Matthew Mournian from Los Angeles, California. USA


« Wow! So much is happening...I don’t even know where to start. I will write this out later today. I took a vow and went through a whole new kind of portal like neon red with lines all throughout. Wow so much more I can’t even believe how the time went.

…Ok just a few points before we meet today - first off this experience was very different from our training (Astral Travelling Training). I feel that I was in and out of consciousness for a lot of it - like channels changing on a tv. There was needle pricks in my hands constantly. Even before we started! I had to take a vow and actually repeat all these words. We moved through strange lines in space and you asked me to look at and feel my hands several times. Later on I feel I was given some kind of test. Like I had to go fly to some place and cone back like you, or they were saying “go try this and cone back”! After that I went through one if the most clean and fast portals I’ve seen so far - it was like smooth light with rings...later on I could see this container or grid you put up but it was red like neon lights and became a spinning device. »



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