Astral Projection & OBE / Projection astrale à Mont-Saint-Aignan (76130)

Astral Projection : A place for Inner Guidance

I am an astral  and time traveler, and have been through this for years. But I became fully conscious of it few years ago when I received my Reconnection on 2013.

I have travelled meeting my spiritual guides for the first time on October 2013 during a professional appointment, and that happened while I was sitting on a chair in the waiting room.  

I have been visiting different dimensions and planes and have been contacted by Extraterrestrial entities during my out of body experiences. The beings I am in contact with are for most of them from Orion's constellation, the Pleiades B, and Sirius A./B. 

During my sleep time, I am conscious of my astral projections. I see my physical body and master my astral body which allows me to have full conscious experiences. 

I have been also through missions as a soul carrier and a Light worker during this year and the last one.

I also astral travel during my meditations and healing sessions. Many of my clients feel it and many have seen me near them during distance healing. Some friends from the USA have seen me near their homes or just near them many times.

I am a natural astral flyer.   

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