The Cetaceans' Crystalline Frequencies of The Light Activation & Transmission for The New Humans/ L'activation de la fréquence de Lumière Crystalline des Cétacés pour Les Nouveaux Humains


For Information Only ! Henda no more gives activations 


Since my early childhood living in a cost city named " BiZERTE", in North Tunisia ( North Africa), I had a deep connection to the Cetaceans. My  passed father used to take me for a daily walk to the Old Port of the city, and the alley made of sea stones, in between two Lighthouses, where we could watch the dolphins passing and saying hello to us. These memories are still present in my whole being, and I am grateful to my daddy that he was part of a greater gift I received from The Crystalline Grid in Sirius A&B which is connected directly to The Great Crystalline Grid and The Great Portal of Sirius. I wasn't born there by coincidence, it was a choice I made at a soul level before my current incarnation, and it was for a higher purpose that I am now realizing and working on now to bring down the energies of The Crystalline Earth and The New Humans.  


The Great Portal : 888

This new activation & transmission took me a deep energetic work with beings from Sirius who came to me to bring it in me and it was an intense work that lasted from June 28, 2022, to August 8, 2022. It was complete with the Great Lion's Gate but holds the energies of the portal that is coming on August 8, 2024 which is an 888 portal.

In other words it is a preparation that will allow you to receive and hold crystalline energies that are coming directly from Sirius A & B, and definitely to receive upgrades directly from the New Crystalline Grid. It is made of 6 Layers. each Layer holds a specific energy made of Crystalline Light Codes held by the cetaceans and which are felt in the right ear as specific sounds and frequencies. They are for most of them made of "CLICS" that I personally hear in my right ear in several times depending on the number of CLICS I need to receive each time. They can be made of 3, 4, 5, 6 and even more "Clics" which I have been hearing and having since I received "The Crystalline Light Body Activation" back on 2020. With this activation, I have been also receiving frequencies that I felt like long high pitched sounds that were having an effect on my brain as I felt them that way most of the time. 

What to Expect from this Activation & Transmission ?

I always receive the information that each activation has a purpose per se and it works on you the way you need it and for the purpose itself: Helping create the New Humans around you as this Activation knows you once you receive it and knows what you need to do and to receive and will work well on you if you are a Healer who wants to bring down its energies onto Planet Earth. The cetaceans are part of this intense and amazing global work as they already hold it, but you need to receive it directly from those benevolent beings in Sirius and that's from where my connection comes and where I will send you during the Activation. 



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