The Crystalline Light of GraceSM Transmission & Training Program

Transmission & Full Training Program of The Crystalline Light of Grace℠ (CLC℠)

Henda no more gives teachings but this is only informational 


The Transmission is done in one session, both in person and remotely , and also via

The Crystalline Light of Grace℠ (CLG℠) 

For those who have already completed this activation, including those who have completed the Training Program of The Crystalline Light Body Activation℠ too, the transmission will be done the same way. 


 The Training is done both in person and distantly in 4 weeks, with the possibility to be extended if needed. Each week we connect via a chat video or an in person meeting for 1 hour. It will be a time to feel, notice, connect and understand the work that is on in your own vessel. The training will help you work with the energy and become a channel of it.  I will explain to you how Crystalline Light of Grace works and how you can move your hands including some very specific tips and techniques I have been receiving directly from this field : The Crystalline Grid itself. 



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