The Lemurian Crystalline Light Body Activation/ L'activation du corps cristallin lémurien

The Lemurian Crystalline Light Body Activation for the New Earth & the New Humans 


It is made of 7 Layers that I have received from my guides in New Lemuria, a parallel world to the old city of Lemuria. They are giant crystalline light beings who have been with me during my awakening journey, and still they are. At first, they were coming during healing sessions and then they were activating in me new Crystalline Light Codes. The layers are done in the form of psychic artwork that I receive in me as codes of light and other frequencies in the form of klics in my right ear. The klick come in from the Crystalline Grid too as the beings are part of it, and hold the specific energy of New Lemuria.  I have received the 7 Layers from December 15, 2022, to January 6, 2023. 

-Layer 1: Left Brain Activation of the Crystalline Brain

- Layer 2: The Crystalline Heart Activation for the New Earth

- Layer 3: Lemuria Gatekeeper & Universal Healer 

- Layer 4: Heart and Crown Petals Expansion

- Layer 5: Lemuria Sacred Light into the Human Body

- Layer 6: Keeper of the Golden Era Gate

- Layer 7: Multidimensional Gatekeeper of the Sacred Crystalline Heart  


There is a whole activation process for each layer and I receive it from the beings themselves in the form of energetic language that they send to me telepathically including the names of each layer. Each layer is very specific and never looks like the others. 


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