The Rainbow Crystal Light Body Activation & Update

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The Rainbow Crystal Light Body Activation & The Update 


THE RAINBOW CRYSTAL LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION is an intense and powerful process in which the activation of your Crystalline Rainbow Body takes place to be part of your journey, as a soul who came on this planet to work as a healer and as an energetic transmuter.

Not anyone have access to their Rainbow Crystal Body, it is normally a natural process that happens to those who are meant to do the work of bringing Rainbow Light Codes during their current incarnation on Earth to help shift themselves into the New earth energetic upgrades and to become it in Consciousness.

I have been doing this work through psychic connection to The Great Sphere of Crystalline Light in the Spirit World, in the form of Sacred Artwork I have been receiving in energetic downloads from May 2021, to August the 8th 2021. 

Note that this work is not a meditation or a healing session. It is an energetic activation of your human multidimensional bodies. It is the result of energetic downloads I receive from my guides to bring into this timeline in the form of psychic art. Many mediums work this way. I have been given this ability as a channel has been open for me from my Spiritual Guide. I never asked for it, it came through because it is part of what I have to do now on this planet. A part of my soul contract. 



It was during an astral projection in New Atlantis where I was taken in a LightShip with Pleiadean and Arcturian beings. I was fully conscious in my astral body, and they just showed it to me, taking me to a mirror : It was shining rainbow lights and deeply glowing.

They said to me at that moment "You have a Rainbow Crystal Light Body". 

I had no information about how and why we have this type of Light Body. I was surprised  by the information at that time and did not expect anything from it.

This experience happened back on 2017 or so. I also posted about it in an article on 

Here is the paragraph where I talk about it: 

"The Golden crystalline energy will open up more and more the third eye, the heart chakra and improve the connection to Source from the crown chakra. These three centers of energy are directed by this main energy bringing healing and complete cleansing when needed overtime. As I asked for opening again my third eye it opened again and I saw  the city from a window. I asked more and wanted them to show me how I was in their ship and they showed me a rainbow colored bubble surrounded by a golden white aura. I was moving softly as we do when we are diving in a sea. That was my energetic body. I saw smiles around me." 

Read the entire article here

Time passed by, but it wasn't the last one. It was said that Tibetan monks, Buddhists priests and even Indian Yogis used to work on their energetic bodies to gain rainbow crystal light, and to upgrade at a spiritual level during the  Earthly incarnations they had. The fact is that they have been sent to become bearers of that type of highly vibrational light, so that the transition we are making now to the next Light Densities of the New earth would take place and engage those who are ready to split into their new energetic template. 


It is up to any human to elevate himself to that level. It is given now as an energetic psychic activation, as I have been given since that experience the mission to bring it down onto this planet. May be some others are also doing this work, with other ways and tools.




It is made of 7 Spiritual Layers (which means 7 Psychic Artistic Tablets made of Sacred Geometry) that are added to your current energetic body and a Summary. Each Layer or Tablet that I call "Imprint Block" has a name and a very specific work on your body Lines & Points connecting them to The Sacred Crystalline Sphere (The Crystalline Grid) in higher dimensions.

It is said that only the Guides from the Spirit World are able to enter that sphere, as they have the necessary frequencies of light that allows them to go there, bring healing into themselves and to the souls who came back in the spirit world. A normal human being would burn inside it. 


To hold Crystalline Light into the human body, one should have been a higher master or guide in the Spirit World who came down to Earth to do this work benevolently and in the acceptance of being in a physical body.

This was a hard thing to live with for me since my childhood.

It has also been revealed to me during the QHHT I had with my dear friend Tracy Moore, to whom I recommend you, for a session, it was back on May 2019 in Blue Springs Park Fl. The Activation took place on my earthly timeline reality and body on May 2021, two years later. I saw myself as a giant light soul and Sacred Mother in an energetic planet made of Crystalline Energy. 


I never felt it as much as when I received Crystalline Light of Grace into my earthly and energetic bodies. It is the gift of this lifetime, a "Grace" as my Spiritual Guides told me during that event, back on 7-7-2016, nearly a year before that out-of-Body Experience meeting my Pleiadean and Arcturian crew.


The activation will work on you progressively at a spiritual level and you may not feel the changes at first. But they take place in your energetic body and even physical, as it is seen by others too. There is a new light that would shine in your face that you may notice sometimes and your energy will shift more and more, especially if you are a healer who wants to work with it for yourself or others. But this requires to hold Level 2 which is The Training Program.  

I cannot predict exactly what you would become or receive, but I can say what I am hearing now " You will receive what you are meant to become in this lifetime as a worker of the light, holding Rainbow Crystal Lights for The New Earth"

It is very common that many project themselves into the future to be sure of what would happen to them. One of the most wise way of being is to BE here and now, and to notice the daily work that is being done. 


This is the first message that came in the first layer, once I just finished drawing it: "Rainbow-Crystal Souls are New Walk-In Beings who came to incarnate on this planet to bring into a confused, disconnected world the Platinium Rainbow Crystalline Light, the human body needs to come back to Source's Wisdom and Truth. What you have to receive from this Sacred Fire in 7 Layers / Imprint Blocks, and Authentic Divine Light-Flames, is what You need now for your body and soul to upgrade to the next higher levels of your body consciousness, your evolving consciousness..." 



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