The dreaming bird : the new oak tree

The creature came on the new Wave Tree I have been drawing since the last few days. It is made of green purplish yellowish golden blue feathers and huge wings opening to reach the infinite from both sides of the tree. 

Atlantis is over it in a huge pyramid made of feathers, leaves and inter-dimensional portals

I welcomed the creature as a Gate Keeper of that Tree which is the Oak Tree, a sacred being wearing the new colors of life as we are merging into higher dimensions.

We have to feel blessed with its warm and intense energy as it brings us to life again. We feel reborn and our energy flows so nicely ! Hugely ! We have no more time for sleep !

We are blessed to be here sharing the flow of the living with mother nature. She is feeding us with her Divine Magick and Love.

Many little waves are now moving from down to the upper parts of this Tree, it is the transfixed life, that dragons are holding for us all through the Trees as they are multidimensional beings.

Two spines are connected to the dragons' energy field in this Wave Tree and its secrets will unfold with the connection to your centers of energy.

The leaves are the fruits of life connected to the three portals to higher dimensions : from 6 D to upper dimensions.

This is the celebration of joy during Earth's latest ascension and Shift in Consciousness. See that laughing face of the Tree!

The Bird is giant as I have been in touch with giants lately and many times during my sleep this year. They are real beings from upper high dimensions working as volunteers for our sacred Earth. He is holder of Sacred Geometry. All the trees are now uploaded with this knowledge and it is in store for all of us and all creatures on Gaia.

We can hear them talking to us, as new shapes with a new energy field. It is not complete, but infinite and expanding in all ways, with many new shapes and energy flow from the cosmic dance/mouvement.
The cosmic dance/movement is the universal energy flowing now on us keeping us awake most of our time even at night with less sleeping time and more lucid dreaming.

The Light is within each of you of us. we are holders of the New Earth.

Hope You enjoy it ! My gift to begin with the shooting star energy flow coming on us now from Sirius

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