July 20, 2020, Energy Update and Channeled Message 

We are bathed in deep transmutation energies entering a portal of change. This portal holds the key codes to this powerful year multiplying the numbers 20 to 202020, 222, 000, in a 7th month.  A time to enhance and or activate the human light body. 

The last weeks were a time of deep purging at a soul level, leading to an emotional cleansing and the urge to reconnect to self love, self healing and globally self awareness. 

Diving into Cancer Waters, is like flowing with That Which Is, with All that Is, and clearing oneself in a very soft, liquid way...

It is like floating over the surface of an ocean, going deeper in the streams of life and the waves of light and uncertainty, but at the same time, opening to What Is and whatever it would be. Anxieties and fears are transmuting to peace, ease and an uncommon self awareness leads the adventurous souls to release all kinds of attachements, most of them toxic to the energetic human body.

So today we are urged to connect to more light, as the soul have crossed darkness and unknown spaces and times. Deep inside the light is seen at the end of the tunnel. 

One may wonder "What is so important for me to do now?"  

The Universe always has our back. It is a field of information that each one can grab to move from a stage of awakening to another one. The awakening process to the light body is very tricky and complex. If we enter this process it is also to experience darkness and release more and more of our inner past and current shadows.

All this process has been intense during the last weeks. How can I serve this planet if I am not healing myself enough? 

Healing is a daily task to do. Universal Energy is the key and the purpose, so that each soul can reconnect to That Which Is and feel this oneness deep inside, as part of who we are for real : only the mind creates separateness. 

It looks like things are happening by themselves. Actually we don't to rush, we only need to open ourselves more to the magic and to the unknown because it is there that everything truly happens for real. We may try to know more about the future, but at a quantum level, it doesn't really exist. The future is what we build every day with our actions, reactions, thoughts and so on. So it sounds like we have to create a better future with our thoughts as they take the color of the Light. 

To enjoy the walk is to fully be aware of it. Each step is dependent of our inner self awareness. This is why self awareness is what we have to build and enhance with self healing and with healing around us. 

Our current healing goes beyond this timeline and space line. As healers, we work also during our sleep time. This kind of healing is also much needed. This is why we are volunteers from many star systems who came here to work with the light in transmuting our shadows  from many other lands and times. 

Water is the element of emotions and deeper what is hidden inside. Visualize yourself swimming and not knowing what is deep under your floating body... 

This is what we have been experiencing during these last weeks. We only need to carry on swimming until we reach an island to just sit and enjoy the fire of the sun. Fire is the next stage to this huge transformational and healing stage humanity is in now.... 



I will be giving healing sessions for this New Moon at your convenient. From 20 to 24 July, 2020

Private message me to book your session. 




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