« Transcendance »: Meeting My Crew From The Pleiades

Preparing For Astral Projection


It was in between 6-9 am. I woke up early for my self healing and karma clearing sessions. They’re two different sessions I do sometimes in early morning and some other times at night before going to sleep.


In general, after these two sessions, I have a higher frequency that allows me to navigate in higher dimensions meeting some beings from there can often happen as well.


That morning, the experience was intense as a fire activated in my energy centers. This has been happening to me for more than a year now… At first it was hard to handle, then I felt more relief as my body started adjusting to it.


And I just left my physical body and fell down on my bed.


I was floating in deep space seeing light waves in screens just passing through my third eye. When I travel I see everything from there. It opens in a rectangular screen and allows me to fly in the space that is opening to my vision.


In Between Dimensions Meeting Pleiadian Beings


I was in between dimensions and worlds. This time the energy took me in another place. As I was floating around waves, I could see how the energy was flowing. I could jump from a wave to another seeing a wide ocean, stunning high trees were standing in that space as if a new world was creating itself from its old version. Some ideas floating around with humming sounds, thoughts of a parallel dimension where some strange things are happening in our lives.


I heard this word « Transcendence ! » and it was ringing in my ears, then in all my head, and it was painful a time. I felt like it was what we as healers have to accomplish during this current shift in consciousness. We are dealing with a very challenging multifaceted earth with at least 3 different dimensions.


The message was intense and powerful and the tonality of the sounds the beings were emitting was compassionate filled with love, as they showed up to say that they were present. I floated in the waves… all was so beautiful and light. I felt deliverance from all the events that were occurring on earth, dealing with epidemic and disease, with the anxiety of the whole planet, deeply rooted in our hearts, from where we send healing….


When suddenly a bunch of extraterrestrial humanoid faces passed in front of me. One after the other, they were floating beside me, as if introducing themselves to me and smiling with beautiful eyes.


I have already seen these beings with their bright eyes in New Atlantis, their gentle touch and smile is unforgettable. I felt their energy and higher frequency deep in my soul, they were showing up to say hello. « Are you here with me? With us ?» I asked as it was unbelievable and totally unexpected.

The faces floated in front of my vision for a while in a dark space with an ocean of waves. They were turning around me in a comforting attitude. There was no sound again and no chattering, only energy and a bunch of light workers from the Pleiades cluster, who came from deep space "New Atlantis", a parallel world to that place as I have many times traveled to before. I knew telepathically that they were here watching over us and over the New Earth in her journey into releasing the old densities that no more serve our highest good: « We sent you with your gifts to bring in the light onto this world! » I heard.


Before falling on my bed and during my healing session, I was hearing voices in my head and they were repeating the same word I heard during my astral projection « Transcendence ».


The Message From The Pleiadian Council

So here is the message as it came in a first part, few minutes before my astral projection, and the second part after. I understood when I was back from my astral travel, that it was from a Pleiadian Council who were the beings I met, as they are watching us from where they are, witnessing and knowing what we are currently going through. Those were the beings who showed up in the place I was floating in.



Transcendence is a wind blowing on the old densities of Gaia

A fire burning old bridges to lower frequencies in the human reign

We told you… More than the fifth density, destruction of the lower frequencies…

If you want to carry on living in the old paradigm, then you will not allow yourselves to fly higher and reach Transcendance.

Transcendance is the power of the heart to open to a higher quality and quantity of light

You came here to love

Light workers, old souls, you have been waiting for this shift for so long.

For so long you have been craving for a new world that matches your energy and higher vibration, a new light and a new earth. You have been believing in this to happen, you still believe it is happening.


Your shelter is the light you have been gifted with, to channel and bring healing onto your world, creating massively in oneness the new earth, a new era, you are safe and you can do more than you would imagine.

You are still experiencing those challenges, but as hard as teaching... you knew. Don’t loose faith and trust your inner guidance. Help each other, stand up for each other, take a risk, walk on the new earth that is already in your vessels.

Don’t back down

Our message for you is here : we want you to transcend the old paradigm and uplift your frequency of light, so that you become able to remember who you are, what you came here to do, what is coming next.

You have the key to transcendence

You need to create the tools to reach this divine purpose

Are you ready to transcend the old world that is crumbling down before you?

Are you ready to put down the boundaries you have created and your limited beliefs?

Are you ready to open up to what you have been given : a divine light that is truly healing, if only you would see it?

Are you ready to transcend and believe in your ability to change this world?

You can manifest Transcendence anywhere from the place you are. Your energy is universal, it can reach out spaces beyond your center of gravity.

See yourselves levitating and moving in the light you channel naturally.

It was a time to reach out your true selves, to ignite the divine souls you are !

This is done

Now is the time to make a change, to activate your true potentials, as you have been activated by the light on purpose.

Love is a frequency of Light for those who have entered the New Earth

Love is a frequency of Light !

A frequency of Light that combines many other tiny waves of the human DNA and light body

The New Humans are those who have integrated this state of being, they know it as part of who they are, and what they feel in their entire body.

They know how to love in the stream of the light, in the divine vessel they choose to be when they came in

Transcendence is the stage of allowing love to be the frequency of light each one vibrates in, with time, each one emanates out of all the chaos and confusion…

Transcendance is the frequency of wisdom that is only taught by self in the healing process, as self have walked alone to reach it, to open up to the mysteries of All That Is with peace and resilience.

Wisdom and love are one in two frequencies of a higher realm of light that allows the human body to bring in the needed energy to create / co-create oneness, connectedness; to breathe in the freedom of the soul and out the light of eternity.

Transcending the old densities is a process of awakening to love frequency mixed to wisdom, all united in one,

for the new humans have to come, for those who are already there have to awaken.

Transcending the limitations and boundaries of self is essential to open the doors of infinity.

Transcendence is the extension of the universe in infinity, and so is each human’s soul

Transcendence is remembrance to manifest your greatness ! To shine your light ! »



Henda Zaghouani, All Rights Reserved 2020

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