Few days ago, a friend sent me a short message asking me if I could help him produce astral projections. As I have said before, I dedicated myself to help those who feel like they are ready to experience this journey into inner wisdom.

Actually, the purpose of astral travelling is to dive deeper into the layers of the soul, and to begin the discovery of self. We are souls in a human body and identity, which makes us multidimensional beings for real.


I-We are Multidimensional Beings


Our physical body is part of this because this is why we explore other dimensions and worlds out of it. If we were multidimensional without our physical body, we would not need to experience astral travels during our sleep time.


1-Taking Care of The Physical Body is Essential To Split Out of It


As our physical body is a very important vessel during this process, it needs to be healthy and clear too. So if we don’t take care of it, we wouldn’t be able to have full conscious out of body experiences, because each time the soul travels during our night sleep, the physical body is in a state of “paralysis”, or let’s say mid-paralysis during which it is connected to the soul via a silver cord.

The cord is translucent, silver-white shades flow from its core, and it is thick too. It is very subtle with earth life energy flowing in. This energy is connected to many vortexes that allow more energy flows, when the soul comes back into its physical vessel. This is why when back from the astral world, we feel that huge warm burning energy at a physical level.

The physical body remains nearly cold during astral projection because this is the good temperature that allows the soul to split off of it. This also explains why when death occurs, we become colder with time within few hours later.

But when we are still alive, this process is different because the temperature is lower than when the soul is fully inside. Or at least the part of the oversoul that is incarnating in that body. The soul is the main energy or entity that brings life into the physical body. A soul needs healing also and this why, energy healing allows more astral projections with time.

Many authors never talk about energy healing but they indeed talk about breathing techniques ( Robert Monroe, William Burhlman.. etc) and many Yogis teachers.

These breathing techniques allow the body to have a higher frequency that helps the soul to vibrate at a higher level too, which makes the splitting off very easy and less traumatic.

Actually some people have traumatic paralysis experiences during astral projection. This happens because the physical body isn’t ready to let the soul leave. This is also why, one of the keys to produce AP’s at wish, is to let go of the mind body, and the ego. Which means to let go of the physical world assuming that it is important but not necessary to evolve at a spiritual level.

Taking care of the physical body should be in alignment with the soul urge and inner work. Each part of our being is deeply related to our essence.


II-The Yogis Breathing Techniques

How to levitate your astral body using yogi breathing techniques ?

The Yogis believe that a human being is a magnet. Each Magnet has both a positive and negative pole: a north pole for the negative one, and a south pole for the positive. If you cut a magnet in two hundred pieces it would look like the original magnet with two poles. Any magnet bar when suspended from its middle surface will point one end to the North and the other to the South.

Therefor the pole of the magnet which is oriented toward the North corresponds in reality at its opposite, thus to the South, because the identical poles repel each other. The universe is a giant magnet.

A human being is called a magnet by the Yogis, divided in three ways whereby presenting properties of both positive and negative poles. So if we divide a human into two sides : the right one is the negative pole, and the left one the positive side or pole.

In addition the ventral side is positive, and the dorsal side is negative.

Likewise, our planet Earth has two hemispheres : the North is positive and the South is negative.

The Method or Technique

The Astral Body

The Yogis consider that the physical body represents a counter part composed of an etheric substance with a highly vibratory rate. It is not a simple matter, nor a simple force.

It is a very subtle and fine composition of something that is however more resistant than all that we would qualify as matter. For the Yogis' Science, this physical material is the supra sensitive substance that occupies all the space and invades the bodies.

Each human body is composed of this substance called the Astral Body.


An Experience to Do...

Sit on a chair on a carpet or a thick plate of glass facing the East with your feet resting slightly down. The kundalini Lotus is located at the end of the Sushuma channel in a triangular shape according to the Yogis symbolic language. It is there that the ascendant force lays, and which is called “Kundalini”.

When it awakens, it tries to find a way through this hollow channel, and as it gradually rises it opens the layers of the mind eliciting visions and generating wonderful powers.

When they reach the brain, we are perfectly detached from the body and mind, and the soul is freed.

Transcribe an 8 horizontally in your space !

8 represents the spinal cord. Ida is at the left side and Pingala at the right side in the hollow channel that crosses the center of the spinal cord, which is the Sushumna cord.

A subtle fiber runs down to the spinal cord ends, into a lumbar vertebra. This channel is closed at its lower end, located near the Solar Plexus, which is according to the modern physiology in a triangular shape.


Practice each day for 30 minutes this exercice of Rhythmic breathing:

1-Close your right nostril with your thumb and breather in with your left nostril.

2-Close the two nostrils and hold on, then breathe out from your left nostril.

Breathe in counting 8 heartbeats, hold your breath for 4 heartbeats, breathe out for 8 heart beats.

After practicing for a while, you should increase the duration of each inhalation up to 12, 16, and 24 pulses, and increase the retention time and interval by the same amount.


III-To Understand More This Process

When practicing regularly this exercice, the Yogis became able to elevate physically in the air under the effect of an invisible force : the PRANA stored up inside the body.

This is the first stage of the astral body levitation.

Once you master this stage of your spiritual development, you will have no difficulty to project your astral body, even during your sleep time.

Your astral body is lighter and awakened.

There are signs of this new aspect of the spiritual awakening, one of them is a feeling of being shacked while sitting, or falling down.

When laying down during your sleep time you will feel those sensations of falling down back into your physical... The astral body is only trying to split off of the physical vessel, as you have more PRANA in you.

There is a real and physical sensation of being pulled up and off which may frighten you at first, but this is the mind and the brain trying to bring you back to the physical world and vessel.


This is due to the human cultural backgrounds.


To leave the physical, one has to transgress them, and allow the soul to become able to come back to oneness again.


Astral Travelling happens when we become spiritually evolved and mature. It is not given to those who are very attached to their physical.

As we come back to our identity as souls, we integrate ourselves as it. Hours of meditation and healing sessions are necessary to activate this ability to become masters in astral travelling.

I have been now working on myself using healing energy on me, and practicing the Yogis' rhythmic breathing since 2013, to become aware of this and to master it while I am on astral. It takes time and efforts...

The sign of lost memory during and after an astral projection is due to clutter in both the physical and energetic bodies. Healing energy prevents this from happening.

Many people don’t feel like they need energy healing, but it is necessary to become able to astral travel with the breathing technique I have added in this first article.


Out of body experiences are a guiding light to the soul essence and the truest way to know about our current and past incarnations. It is also a place to receive direct messages from higher self / the oversoul and to understand the meaning of our existence as souls.

It is given to see beyond the veils and the illusions of the physical life, and to help ourselves during our awakening journey.

It is part of the most important life lessons and one of the most challenging too. Once you get there, you no more need targets or any of this kind, because your Higher Self is there guiding you.

Let’s say The Soul, or Oversoul is what really guides us during astral projection and travel. This why I almost have many psychic information during astral travels for healing myself and also for others. I also receive and comeback with many information about the places I have been to and the beings I met. 

I have been healing many people on astral. Some of them have sent messages to me to thank me for my benevolent assistance and help....

To become a master in astral travelling, self mastery and detachment from the physical world are required.

Detachment means that the physical plane has no more power over the soul. Unfortunately many people are still very attached to the physical and this why they are unable to fly.


Henda Zaghouani PhD 2020, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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