Seven Weeks Astral Projection Training Level 2




My Level Two Program is about going more profoundly in what we can experience, witness and  learn from astral travelling.

I will actually provide you with the possible lessons you can learn from the astral planes. They come most of them to help you while you are incarnating in a physical dimension and body.

The quality and quantity of the experiences are different from a soul to another one. Most of the lessons we receive from our astral travelling are thus related to karmic healing.

All my Training Program is deeply rooted in my own personal experiences on the astral. 


While we will dive deeper in this type of healing, the chat videos and the healing sessions will be centered around this topic, but not for that only purpose.


We will also dive deeper into how to put a target in very precise ways so that the soul can go where it needs to be, for its current healing and evolution.

In putting targets we direct ourselves in the astral planes, we direct our consciousness in what we need to evolve in, we also direct our attention to what is most important to us in our current lifetime.

It can be about our work, spiritual work or any other work we are doing. It can be about our relationships and family ties and bonds, about our galactic origins and families from the stars… It can be also an opportunity to us for extraterrestrial contacts and hanging around in other planets than earth.


All that would happen, each time during your astral peregrinations, will probably be a lesson to learn, information to download and new knowledge to have access to.

With this level you will understand that knowledge is not something that is given only in our earth books, but that it is an energy stored in the multi-universe, and which is available for anyone who really wants to explore and learn.

Each knowledge is given in the form of channeled information that we download, while we are on the astral, and when we meet higher beings from other dimensions.

This is why I will also include in this level some of my most amazing astral travels to other planets, where we will discuss some information and the hidden knowledge that is stored in them.

Most of them are cycles I relate to in my book which I hope to publish by the first months of 2021, once I finish this level of my training.


Week 1


A Healing Session (Approximately 1 Hour) Golden Crystalline Light of GraceSM

It is given two or three days before the chat.

Each session is different but the main purpose on which the Crystalline Light of Grace works on most of the time, is to open more and more your energetic body and its different layers to experience multiple travels in higher dimensions. And it does it for real.

Most of those who have been doing Level 1 have felt a huge shift: they travelled during the sessions and or have felt high vibrations in their whole bodies.

Many carry on feeling the energy working on them from a session to another one and experience like being in and out of their current physical reality.

The Crystalline Light of Grace (CLG) actually is a spectrum that came from deep space in a world only made of energy and Light Souls, and where I have been born for the first time as a soul.

This information has been actually given to me by Higher Self back on May 2019, when I had a QHHT with my friend Tracy More in Blue Springs State Park, FL.

Some more information came through me during that session about the CLG, I will share them in time.

Some have noticed an upgrade in their astral body and in their whole energy. As if they were being activated to dig deeper in their galactic blueprint.

The fact it that CLG does this by itself as a high intelligence knowing the spiritual stage and development of each soul it comes in contact with.

I can’t explain this, and how it happens but it is shown to me with a very sophisticated language and a specific guidance during the sessions, where I can hear the beings talking in me.

Some of my most perceptive clients have heard this conversation and witnessed my presence with those beings, just sitting near the person during these distance healing sessions.

Those who have received this Light in them in an in person sessions have experienced these same things and visions.

In my home these beings are most of the time with me and show up in my field when I am also giving distance sessions from the forest.

The energy is white, pink and purplish in golden spheres. Many have seen it in my videos. Those are the different beings at work and each one bring in a  new layer of the Crystalline Light of Grace.

They provide me with many daily energetic downloads and also during my night sleep.


Video Chat: Transcending The Human Physical Incarnation: A Karmic Lesson

During this video chat we will be discussing the topic of the human karma and how our physical existence here on this earth (3-4-5D) is given to us to evolve  as souls and expand in consciousness.

Everyone may find the information about karma etc.. But in essence, our chat will be about how to understand your life currently as a place of growth through teaching episodes that will be shown to you during astral travels.

How will it be shown to you?

This is what we will talk about in this part of the training and it is what we most of the time experience during astral projections. The lessons you have integrated from other lives, past or parallel lives, and those you came here to carry on your soul’s integral and pure clearing process.

I will teach you how to understand more the spiritual lessons that are given to you.

Those lessons are not specific to only one life and one incarnation. They happen at a multidimensional level in different worlds and dimensions you are incarnating in. Past and Parallel lives are not seen in the astral plane as different times, but for example as two realities located in two different timelines and space lines.


Week 2


1-A Healing Session


2- The Soul’s Essence : Where Do I Come from? What did I come here on Earth to do?

This is one of the most challenging questions we almost have asked, but few have been knowing it through astral travelling. Most of those who have been given information about their soul’s essence happened to them through past life regression hypnosis, or during a near death experience.


I have been through this intense teaching-learning process during out of body travels where I have been seeing myself in different planets, where I had different things to do, having also different physical or non physical shapes (Lyra, Orion, Atlantis and New Atlantis, Sirius A / B, and more…).

This why in the next week after this one, we will be discussing those travels and the information, knowledge I have been given about the human existence and what to do to have access to higher fields of knowledge that are stored in those amazing areas of the multi-universe.

Each time you travel in one of the places your soul have incarnated in, you come back with precious information that you download in reality in the form of energy. For me, this is how it happens. This is a true individual process of self healing and learning that would allow you to dig deeper in your soul's lesson whether in this physical lifetime or a parallel one. 


Week 3:

1- A Healing Session


2- Visiting Other Planets Meeting Extraterrestrial Beings and Helpers. How to Navigate Dimensions ?


To become able to meet those beings, humans have to be ready energetically  because of the fact that currently they live in a very heavy density, though their awakening has already begun few years ago.


Pure extraterrestrials who are true helpers come to those who have pure souls. It may actually upset many, but yes, it is the truth.

When they show up to you, it is because you are ready according to their own parameters and laws. Most of the good helpers are made of energy and are no more incarnating in physical shapes.

The most dangerous ones are in physical shapes actually, and or robotic beings created by some extraterrestrials who are in physical shapes.

The robotic beings are only made of artificial intelligence. They are used in the low frequencies of Earth and participate also in misleading some people who want to be light workers or want to invest in it.

They are very manipulative and end up draining you if you are in contact with them because they nurture themselves with the lower human energies. I have seen them sometimes in some people's energy field during healing sessions. Most of the time, I remove them because they stay inside the person energetic field like negative entities. 


I believe, from my now experiences,  that those who are true helpers are made of light. They show up in the form of light, because crystalline energy is what it is made of. This why I see them this way. 

Those I have been meeting are for most of them made of light. At least that’s how they showed themselves to me even in my home. 

The beings who are also good helpers, I have been in contact with, are from New Atlantis and are Pleiadians of  a new type: they come as energetic beings with humanoid features... I will explain more about these beings and the way they are and behave with the humans they come in contact with...


Week 4

1- A Healing Session


2- The Extraterrestrial Life Seen Through Astral Travelling


During this week we will be in contact with higher realms where only benevolent beings from outer space are living. The experiences I had with these beings are for most of them positive. I have met Lyrans who worked with me in laboratories where we were extracting a blue liquid energy from the soil of the land which is transmuted into another energy made of light to nurture that part of the planet, their beings and that they use to protect the earth atmosphere. I will explain how it is transported to our planet and how I saw myself there.

I will also talk about New Atlantis and the beings who live there and who are all made of crystalline energy though they are in physical shapes. Their bodies are made of the new golden crystalline energy of the planet. They have specific physical traits and are more advanced than the old Pleiadians many talk about. 

I will also talk about Planet Mars and the parallel world I have been in to witness amazing beings who live in transparent domes, and some other beings like the Blue Avians. 


Week 5: The Spirit World P/1

Week 6: The Spirit World P/2

Week 7: Understanding the Path of the Human Condition

If you want to follow this Training, please private message me here on my site or on one of my Facebook pages.  

The cost

333 euros like Level One. 

A level 3 Course will be available very soon to lead you to more awakening and healing experiences... 

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