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Spiritual awakening

27 Oct 2021

Regarde ce que tu as accompli depuis que tu as décidé de changer de vie... Ne regarde pas où tu en es, mais ce que tu es aujourd'hui. Tu es plus accompli(e), plus téméraire et plus décidé(e). 
Le m...

09 Avr 2021

This new Training Program is divided in two important parts or levels but in one. The first part is related to discovering and diving more into non physical dimensions; the second is about healing ...

02 Fév 2021

This process is meant to create Light Souls by activating the crystalline light body in the human vessel. It is up to anyone to understand that our human vessel is meant to evolve t...

22 Déc 2020

My Level Two Program is about going more profoundly in what we can experience, witness and  learn from astral travelling.
I will actually provide you with the possible lessons you...

02 Nov 2020

My Training Program : Level 1
I have been spiritually guided to create my own training program for a client who asked me to help and guide her,...

09 Août 2020

I received this message for the 8/8 Lion's Gate Activation of Self Awareness, few days ago to clear the current challenging times.
It is a 20 day which is also a 2 day.
In numerology...

23 Juil 2020

Few days ago, a friend sent me a short message asking me if I could help him produce astral projections. As I have said before, I dedicated myself to help those who feel like they ar...

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