Out of body experience

Tips On Astral Projection

15 Fév 2021

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences
Introduction: Information about the Astral Plane 
Tips and information about astral projection and out of body experiences can be very helpful to u...

Seven Weeks Astral Projection Training Level 2

22 Déc 2020

My Level Two Program is about going more profoundly in what we can experience, witness and  learn from astral travelling.
I will actually provide you with the possible lessons you...

« Transcendance »: Meeting My Crew From The Pleiades

11 Avr 2020

Preparing For Astral Projection
It was in between 6-9 am. I woke up early for my self healing and karma clearing sessions. They’re two different sessions I do sometimes in early morning and some ...

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