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Henda Zaghouani
Mystic Healer & Astral Explorer
Guérisseur Mystique & Exploratrice de l'Astral


RubyGolden Crystalline Light of Grace℠

RubyGolden Crystalline Light of Grace℠ (RGCLC℠) is an amazing energy that originates from higher dimensions. 

It is a multidimensional spectrum of light I have been receiving in waves and downloads since 7/7/2016... And thus it is a 777 Frequency of Light, as told to me by my guides in the first channel I received from them while downloading the energy. It is a magnificent energy that came rushing in on me unexpectedly. The first download came from The Temple of Healing in Orion where I had been a priestess in some of my past lives. 

During this incarnation I have been clearing so much of past karma and old wounds. My spiritual guide has spoken about this with me in a deep solemn voice, saying that I have to sit and let this energy flow through me. The first download lasted 45 minutes. I felt as if I was receiving electric shocks through my nerves. They felt like electric wires. As I received this energy it resounded through me with a sound much like that of several singing bowls, all mixed in an amazing way. Since that day I‘ve been continually receiving other downloads from different star systems and beyond. The energy is a deep golden color. 

It became a part of my everyday life. I began seeing it glowing in my home, and in my hands when I do healing. 


Beings from Atlantis came to invite me to travel in the new Atlantis city, which is located in the Pleiades. Each time I was there I came back with more energy downloads and information about the city, its inhabitants, construction, spacecraft, spiritual science derived from a form of Sacred Geometry, and its environment surrounded by a deep blue gelatinous sea. I also received the Golden Crystalline Lights specific to New Atlantis in many levels. I still receive these downloads to this day. 

In the constellation Orion are healing temples connected to all pyramids of Gaia (earth) and in all dimensions and planets wherever such temples are built. Orion’s energy has a very specific frequency that enters you like an acute sound in your left ear. 

The star Vega and it’s highly vibrational electric blue waves are now spreading all around Gaia, helping all light workers during the current shift. 

Dragon Energy

The New Earth and the emerging multidimensional dragons’ spirit and energy are from the angelic realms, and hold different kind of energy wave. From pure white to golden yellowish lights, the energy flows and heals at the heart and soul level. It clears karmic baggage and cleanses the energetic centers in a smart way. It doesn’t need techniques or rituals. It heals where your body needs healing. It flows automatically when activated for a healing. In nature it mixes with the ambient energies around you and work at multidimensional levels ignited by some secret fire from the New Earth, and in some sacred spaces and beings such as the trees and their inhabitants. These energies have to do with elves, faeries, archangels, and spirits of old star beings who live in trees. 

RubyGolden Crystalline Light of Grace℠is Everywhere

As a healer I have been through this journey since 2013. The GCLG℠ is now obvious and everyone can see it in me and in my environment. It is my special gift for this lifetime, a gift of these ascension times to share and to heal! Those who experience its amazing energy can feel how it works at a heart level. Whenever you need Grace, it is this light that would for sure allow you to bring back the light within you and make you feel at ease. You will feel the Grace for real. With this energy, profoundly you can begin your healing journey. 

Who can receive the RubyGolden Crystalline Light of Grace? 

Only healers who are aware of their gifts can receive it. Awareness and inner guidance are important to receive this spectrum of light. You should have completed a level 3 Reiki master at least, or have a Reconnective Healer Certificate, or have been doing Quantum Therapy. 

This energy will upgrade you and give you access to more information as it connects you to higher realms and dimensions. You will receive spontaneous downloads and upgrades from the same spectrum connected directly to the New Crystalline Grid as it changes and reconfigures its own sacred geometric light and information. You will also receive downloads and upgrades at an energetic level. 

This experience will be different from one person to another. How you experience this energy and its gifts are related to your soul and the way you are able to channel and receive energy with guidance. With time you will discover its benefits and how it can upgrade you at a heart and soul level. It is a heart and soul energy, and it is connected to many worlds, and will eventually lead you to discover so much about yourself as you dive deeper into parallel realms.

The RGCLG can be received in person, or distantly in 3 sessions of 45 minutes. 

Or during two 35-40 minutes of The Quantum Reconnection she offers. When doing these two sessions she connects to HS via The Great Central Sun and The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace. The person receives it and can activate it few minutes after the second session. 

During her QHHT with Tracy Moore on May 2019 in Blue Springs State Park, Henda received more information about the GCLG which evolved to RGCLG. It came from her HS : « The GCLG is an energy she used to work and heal with at a multidimensional level in her Blue Six Pointed Star and from her circular table in her home facing three pyramids like those in Gizeh. 
She took with her this energy to Orion and to the new city of Atlantis in the Pleiades. That’s why the first downloads came from there to help her find her way back home. Now she has received The Cylindrical Crystalline Level and can use it for healing and guidance. » ( a summery of that part of her QHHT) 
She carries on receiving downloads every day and shares her gift with those who come to her.

Contact Henda for more information.

This Solstice Event / Évènement du Nouveau Solstice

The Ascended Masters New Solstice's Light Codes' Transmission
June 21-28, 2020

Transmission des Codes de Lumière du Nouveau Solstice par Les Maîtres Ascensionnés
21 - 28 Juin 2020
Venez Recevoir les Vôtres
Come and Receive Yours

Docteur en Sciences du Langage depuis Octobre 2016, Henda se consacre à l'enseignement du français et du français langue étrangère dans des lycées et collèges en France, Rouen et alentours. En même temps, elle publie plus d'une vingtaine d'articles relatifs aux Sciences du Langage et l'analyse du discours politique. Elle se place d'ores et déjà dans une perspective pluridisciplinaire dès le début de ses recherches scientifiques. 

Avec le temps, elle porte son intérêt aux recherches plus pointues notamment la physique quantique et la science de la spiritualité, ce qui l'ouvre progressivement à ce qu'elle est véritablement : un canal de lumière et d'énergie de guérison. En 2014, elle suit les séminaires d'Eric Pearl à Paris et devient Praticienne des Fondamentaux de la Guérison Reconnective et de la Reconnection Niveau III. 

Aujourd'hui, et après avoir reçu La Lumière Crystalline Ruby-Or de la Grâce, elle poursuit son cheminement vers un épanouissement et un bien-être qu'elle cherche à transmettre aux autres avec Amour. Son travail est très méticuleux, et l'énergie qu'elle canalise ne cesse de se renforcer et d'augmenter en elle au quotidien. Elle reçoit des recharges d'énergie tous les jours directement de ses guides de lumière. Votre vie va changer dès le premier soin que vous recevrez. La Lumière Ruby-Or de la Grâce ne vous quittera jamais. Demandez votre soin directement ici ou par téléphone. Henda est toujours à l'écoute et de bon conseil. 




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