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15 Fév 2021

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences
Introduction: Information about the Astral Plane 
Tips and information about astral projection and out of body experiences can be very helpful to u...

22 Déc 2020

My Level Two Program is about going more profoundly in what we can experience, witness and  learn from astral travelling.
I will actually provide you with the possible lessons you...

02 Nov 2020

My Training Program : Level 1
I have been spiritually guided to create my own training program for a client who asked me to help and guide her,...

11 Avr 2020

Preparing For Astral Projection
It was in between 6-9 am. I woke up early for my self healing and karma clearing sessions. They’re two different sessions I do sometimes in early morning and some ...

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