Transcendent Alchemist Healers Who Are They ? What Is Their Mission ?


My Path


Few years ago, on 2007-2012, I was experiencing a deep transformational journey at a spiritual, personal and professional levels. I was seen by many people as a deeply sensitive woman, vulnerable and emotionally broken. I was living in a challenging period and trying to figure out what was going on in my life at all levels, and why I was unable to go through this without feeling useless, used, betrayed, and most of it unrecognized for all the time and efforts I have been doing to be brilliant and good to all the people around me. I felt that I was crossing hell and being surrounded with negativity and negative people who were trying to always put me down and show me another person I deeply believed I was not.


In my deep inner being, I have always been the optimistic, the charismatic, taking leadership without any difficulty, I was able to stand up and talk out loud, I have been a researcher and an author and also gave many Academic International conferences including in Poland, France, Tunisia…

I was an editor and have worked so hard coordinating more than 10 scientific journals, published around 27 articles in international journals, on Francophonie, Political Discourse Analysis, Didactics, Arabic and French Language Studies.


I was struggling to find a place to fix myself in a job, a situation, a harmonious life. I have been giving so much of myself raising two kids and carrying on my Doctoral Degree Research from 2003 to 2006. I wrote my thesis in 2 years and spent a year before doing research on Discourse Analysis and Political Discourse Analysis. I also worked as a French Teacher but it was never long term contracts, I tried to fix myself as a French Teacher in High Schools here in France, but my personal and life and family obligations were tearing me down all the time. I was dealing with violence and putting all my energy in many things at the same time.


On 2012, I was down, unable to carry on this life of mine. The healer in me was awakening : each morning I was feeling my right hand and arm buzzing with energy, I could barely close my fingers and thought I was becoming numb. Then it was in all my skin, itching and awakening me. I wasn’t aware of it. I never thought that I was a healer. Until the day I was hit so hard by my husband and then the Universe put on my path the people who helped me : they were of two kind

the people who helped me leave this life to save myself

the people who were already on a spiritual journey and healers

one of them gave my Reconnection on September 2013.


What I want to say here, is that the healer path is one of the hardest because it is through empathy, failure, and self empowerment that we become aware of who we are. There is a transformational journey at a soul level. This is the path of the Alchemist Healer who transcends life beyond life. I would have died that day I was hit and strangled by the father of my two kids, but I didn’t because there was a transformation that was occurring in my whole being, and a light was shown to me at the end of it… My fruits and vegetables began showing me how alchemy  works around me, without me doing anything. And one day, a notorious healer ans spiritual teacher from Canada Yvan Poirier, told ma during a UFO Diner that I was a Transcendent Alchemist : You heal without using consciously the universal energy. You are an Alchemist and now as you are aware of it, he said to me, just let go of the old techniques, you don’t even need to use your hands.


I went through my journey trying to build my business, and this was a challenge too. It still is. I feel that we cannot stand up on our feet and for ourselves doing healing energy on people. It is only a service. As I heal anyone who sits besides me, I was never asking to get payed. The persons would look at me strangely if I do.

So I guess my journey was a bit complex. It wasn’t like : open and close during a session. It was : the energy carry on working on the people I touch. In different ways. The Reconnection certificates I had on 2014, helped me to enhance the  business  I created about 4 months before I attend Eric Pearls’ Seminar.


But the energy was becoming stronger and stronger with time. It is now as if a being in me, living in me, all the time, I am always in high vibrational state. I must say that I spend hard nights burning and vibrating at a high level because of this energy I hold in me. I feel grateful for this because my kids heal by being with me, it is miraculous, my fruits and vegetables are always kept in ambient temperature in my home, they never rotten. It is as if I was holding the secret of life beyond life in my whole being, and it made me think of the Philosophal  Stone in Harry Potter Novels by J.K.Rowling, which is the stone of the Alchemists. If you look at this stone it is in the shape of a 4 shaped pyramid ( red in the first novel, and black in the last one).


Alchemy is an ancestral knowledge that few humans who came from the stars hold at a soul level. It is a knowledge that has been used with humility and patience. It takes time to come in, to be noticed, to be acknowledged at its highest purpose, and to be used for the benefit of the awakening humans, to heal the earth, and the soul.


Who Are The Alchemist Healers


They have crossed many timelines and space lines to come back here on Earth and bring their energy and frequency for the highest good of all !


Some communities such as the Masonic Community have integrated alchemists to bring back their knowledge into the group and use it for their personal interests. They are very famous and well known philosophers of the 18th Century, Atheists for most of them who did also a lot of research on this topic. You can find them on the Internet if you want to know more about their work.


What I want to say is that they are people who hold an inner knowledge about life and death and so about life beyond the physical plane. This knowledge is wide and complex as it comes from many star systems. I saw myself in Lyra, during an out of body experience changing a blue liquid into energy, and another time, in Lyra but in another timeline creating alchemy using those Imprint Blocks, I drew few times ago… and lastly I drew two hieroglyphs from Lyra constellation who are holders of alchemy healing too.


Alchemist healers are super sensitive people and deeply empathetic. They have a charisma and they know deep inside that even though some people may try to tear them down, they have the ability to just come back to life and to a higher frequency that before. Each time their frequency heightens with a secret fire. They are actually holders fire, water and aerate the same time and in a very subtle way. It may show up in their astrological signs.


One of the most clear sign of an alchemist is when the home where he lives becomes an energetic center where everything that is inside shifts including the organic things : such as the fruits, vegetables and even meat never rotten in ambient temperature. Alchemists are also fire barriers and never burn when they touch fire. I discovered on 2015 that I was a fire barrier when I saw that the area touched by the fire in my hand was white and hard instead of red. I felt no pain and it wasn’t swollen or red.


There are certainly many other ways to know if you are an alchemist healer or not. I am only relating to my own personal experience, and the knowledge that comes from within me while writing this paper.


An Alchemist Healer will notice that people around him or her are receiving energy from him or her, and the person who receives is unconscious of it. But one day, she or he will tell the Alchemist that she or he is seeing some strange filaments or particles of light, that her or his intuition has sharpened, the they feel energy in their hands, and bodies sometimes…

The Alchemist is a natural spontaneous activator who does not need tools to activate people energetically around him. It is done by itself because, it is part of what he /she is here to do. The Alchemist is directed by the Universal Energy, not the way around.

An alchemist is very often seen as a strange being with a charisma that often attracts friends and enemies ant the same time. He or she is shown the way to recognize both of them and learn how to deal with them, in all cases. Compassion and empathy are the best tools for an Alchemist to work at a soul level. An Alchemist brings a transformation in those who are close to him/her in a very quick way. Some people feel his / her energy and some don’t. Some others will understand it many years later.



So What Is The Mission of The Alchemist Healer


First of all missions is to be here as we are, just noticing and acknowledging each step we make during our spiritual journey. As Alchemists we cannot handle the way people are living in the future or in the past, because our journey is in the Alchemy we are experiencing on a daily basis. We are timeless and we hold all timelines in the present moment. Alchemy is about an eternal state of well being even in the hardest moments of our lives, as our energy is about transgressing the limits of time to bring in, a state of ease that is brought itself by the subtle work of the alchemy stored in the energy that we hold as Alchemists.


It is the power of the energy working in the present moment and that we notice and experience consciously. Some people will say to an Alchemist : « How can you be so peaceful while your bank account is at 0 ? ». « We live with what we already have ! » Is the answer of the Alchemist because the knowledge he or she holds gives the necessary tools to deal with life challenges. It’s like when you transform glass into crystal. A chemistry is always at work. And actually « Alchemy » is a word that finds its origins on the Arabic « Al-Kimya » which is related to « KYMYA » which means « Chemistry »…. So I just let you figure out what all this means at an energetic level.


Thus Alchemists are here to really bring in themselves and into their world and environment a new kind of chemistry, a healing wave that changes everything from the inside out. If your fruits hardens and become light, it is the way alchemy works to keep alive everything  in you and around you. I learned this when I was seeing my fruits and vegetables becoming something else than those I have brought from the super market.


I understood that I was changing everything without doing it consciously. It flows by itself channeled in me, by an invisible field of consciousness that is truly present and alive.


The Alchemist healer is back during this shift to be the witness of his own unconscious and then conscious  energetic activations. When he or she becomes fully conscious of it, the activation becomes stronger and so the energy of activation too.


The knowledge that is brought back is unlimited in time and space. It flows in the energy itself and is given back to the Alchemist Healer  progressively at a soul level. Each Alchemist Healer who is activated by a Master Alchemist become an activator with time for those who are around him or her.




It is in fine, the path of the Alchemist to show how the material world is so futile and blinding at a soul level. Eternity is in everything we touch because we are eternal souls who came from the stars to bring this healing light, back onto the earth and to acknowledge the way healing energy works : at a spiritual level for our spiritual growth first.




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