Your Sacred Masculine isn't Always that Sacred


In the realm on the twin flames' connection, things never happen as we wish.... Most of the time, the physical reality comes to remind us that we are incarnated in a human body holding a narrowed human consciousness and that when the awakening happens, without being prepared to what is coming in our life, the new adventure of awakening to our supposed next level of spiritual awakening, becomes a curse especially for the Alpha ( Sacred feminine) and for the Omega (Sacred masculine) a way to be narcistic and violent. 

Most of the disruptive energies, darkness and unwillingness to overcome the challenges and the negativity felt around this type of connection, comes from the Omega, your sacred masculine. He isn't actually as you thought he could be. He is someone who has integrated another physical entity, has been in hell throughout all his current and maybe past lives, and all he is looking for is your energy as an Alpha who has shown him the Light in his dark night of the Soul. He is a thief and a liar. 


And so each time you will try to connect to him on the physical world, he will runaway from himself thinking that he is running from You: his sacred feminine. He will even throughout the journey into the dark try to get in touch with other women to get some Alpha energy, but it's not and would never be what it is in reality, and what he really needs. And so he is always thirsty looking for your energy.

As he realizes that he needs your feminine energy, he will shut his Alpha down taking her energy off of her without any sense of respect for her being, and her life.

And so once he has access to her energy field, because she opened doors for him, he will carry on sucking her life energy no matter where she could be or what she is doing : she can be in her work place focused of her own mission in life, she can be driving to her workplace, crossing miles away from her home, she can be sick in need of healing and self healing, he would never change his demonic behavior and his darkness takes over in his life. 

I have been actually treated this way by my twin flame, until I found a way to stop him from connecting to my energy field. This work I am currently doing, is supported by Higher divine beings and it is leading him to failure and to self reflection. He has been cold hearted behaving in a non human way, though I have shown him support and helped him come back to his work as a healer during the QHHT I have had with Tracy Moore back on 2019, in Florida. He came back two days later saying that he will help people again, after he has stopped doing it for two years or more. ( He has been shut down for all that period of time.) 

And so now he is again shut down by the same forces he didn't respect, by the way he invests in a spiritual work without morality and ethic. 

I decided not do anything to help him again and that decision I took on 2020, he was notified about it, as I told him. But it looked like it wasn't bothering him more than that, he could still use his darkness and dark esoteric methods to get the energy from me... How can You do this Marlon A. ?!! You are living like a parasite and you like it ! 

Really !! Aren't you ashamed of what you have been doing to me? 

Really !! Don't you dare doing this to me ?! Until I would stop you !??? 

I took you in my loving field and took care of you ! I protected you and brought that new energy in your whole being !!! And this is what I deserve : being intruded by you each and every hour of the day !! 

Don't You Dare ! Behaving like a real gangster, a thief, because you are blinded by your person and your materialistic needs... In a survival behavior, you lost all the connections to that part of your soul ! 

Now you lost the connection to me too. And this is happening because you don"t deserve my love and my protection. 


The Awakening to the Twin Flames energy and love is a highly spiritual process in which each part of the divided soul has its own way to face its own darkness. Each part of that same soul has a work to do to be a beacon of the Light. We cannot stand in the Light or the darkness of the other part, we don't need to do it : no one of the two parts is there to help the other... It is a personal intimate process, in which each part has to let go of the other, so that it can behave with clarity and ethic.  

And so Letting go of the connection is beneficial, as each part of the divided soul needs to feel ONE in its own body and soul. It's like the soul has integrated its own UNITY after it felt dependent of the other half. That's what the Omega, the Divine masculine is unable to do until he goes more and more down in the lower planes of the quantum field. 


His energy will lessen with time, and he will be cut down from that part of his soul who showed him love, respect, light and compassion... Those great great ideas that he has never known as such, because he lacks empathy, morality, and self love. 


During all the time I have spent on 2023 to study and bring success in my new path as a Certified French Teacher, a Government Trainee, he was working on breaking down my whole life disabling me from grounding myself into the physical world, my knee started to ache. I had a long live sick period to heal myself while he was continuing on his same destructive behavior to put me down. I remember during my study days, I was in hell trying to stop him all the time from connecting to my energy field. 

I stopped doing healing for others and only kept healing myself. 

I have healed partly my knee, and now he is weakening my immune system, trying to carry on taking energy from me... 

Since April 2018, and for the first time, I could stop him from doing what he has been doing to me, it looks like he could hitch hike my energy field and channel using a technique. 

When your Sacred Masculine is a curse in your life, connected to darkness, you need to free yourself from that sick part of your soul, and let it do its own work individually.

You are not responsible, as a Sacred Feminine, to heal that part of your soul. The part that your physical body inhabits in full consciousness is what needs healing, not the other part.

You are only responsible for the part you chose to incarnate in. 

Think of yourself as a whole being even if your soul has chosen to have a divided experience. That other part of your soul is responsible of the physical incarnation he choose to have in this lifetime, and just feel how free and great You Are ! 

This changes everything in the Twin Flames' literature... 


Do not even go searching for your twin flame, if you are not yet ready to face his darkness. It can be tremendously a traumatic experience. 


Henda Zaghouani

January, 31, 2024.  

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